Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't Call it "ObamaCare"

It was insulting but now it’s cool.

I can’t count the times I have been berated for using the term “ObamaCare” because it is demeaning to the president, it is racist, it is a hate crime, it is an unpatriotic negative term, it’s un-American , it is disrespectful and on and on. Democrats hated the term enough to even attempt to ban its use at the Montana State Legislature this last session.

The Ravalli Republic ran an article by Mike Dennison about the whole flap at the Montana legislature back in March of last year wondering if it was a slur to use the name ObamaCare. The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee caused such a ruckus over the use of the term ObamaCare that Republican Ken Peterson, who chaired the committee, told committee members they could no longer use the term “out of respect for Democratic members on the committee.” The article went on to say that:
Democrats believe “ObamaCare is a derisive, political polarizing term, used as slang, negative reference to the law. Rep. Ellie Hill, D-Missoula, said Democrats have “objected time and time again,” and didn’t see why Republicans couldn’t simply honor that objection and not use the term “ObamaCare” during committee and floor debates.”
There was even an instance when a member of the public, an older gentleman who was just a regular citizen, stood up to testify on a bill and made some comment stating to the effect of “not supporting any federal mandates like “ObamaCare” and all the Democrats present started howling and berating the old guy. The old guy didn’t even realize he was saying anything wrong as he was just using the term the whole country had come to recognize. The Democrats present immediately berated  him by complaining about how disrespectful and insulting he was for having used that slanderous term. What a scene – howling and stomping over using a term like “ObamaCare.” All the news stations such as KFBB TV ran segments about the whole uproar.
When Senator Jason Priest introduced SB 106 asking the Montana Attorney General to join about 20 other states suing the Federal Government and referenced “ObamaCare” the responses from Democrat Senator Andrew Blewett and his pack of antagonistic fellow Democrats went wild. Representative Carolyn Pease-Lopez quickly added the term is “derived from racism towards the president.

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Imagine my surprise when I started reading stories that President Obama has now “officially” claimed the moniker of “ObamaCare.” A San Francisco Chronicle headline read Spin Meter:  President Embraces ‘ObamaCare’, which ironically is the exact same headline and story the Havre Daily “News” ran in their Wednesday’s paper with the exact same copy. I guess we now know what liberal papers the HDN staff reads to formulate their liberalistic agenda and do their copy and paste reporting. Since the President has given the term his endorsement liberal activists have taken to the streets with “We love ObamaCare” chants and campaign materials. Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said “It meets the voters where they are” and claimed that it shows Obama cares. I guess all that headline grabbing Democratic uproar and feigned moral outrage at the Montana legislature was for naught. 
What is truly heartwarming is the fact that the Barack Obama campaign website is now selling a whole host of items with “We Love ObamaCare” printed all over them.  I wonder how Montana Democrats will spin this new found party line adoration of the term ObamaCare?

This recent turn of events must sure leave some of our incensed Montana lawmakers with egg on their faces.   :-)


  1. It seems the only way politicians or the subjugated can dominate the front page of the newspapers is to be indignant about something. Look at Sharpton, Jackson and others like them. The root of every misery encountered in life is either racist, homophobic or sexist instead of what is really the problem which is usually lack of individual accountability.

    I will be looking for ‘I like Obama care’ bumper stickers on all the democrat political leaders cars. Be proud of what you stand for,

  2. Anyone that speaks against this president or anyone connected to him has to be racist because they are white and he is not. It matters not that he has been a terrible president. I really can’t understand why anyone of any political party in Montana would stick up for him anymore.

    Also why would anyone in Havre, Montana care what they are reporting in the San Francisco newspaper? Does the SF paper ever publish any pictures from Havre in their paper?

  3. LOL I just love it when it comes full circle. You best be nice or the dems will boycott you and take away your Ho-Hos

    Opps, that statement might be demeaning and racist

  4. And I am sure once the dems see that the term obamacare is now cool they will call up everyone they got angry with and apologize for being such dicks ........right?

  5. It’s just a name

    All this vexation past and present is much ado about nothing