Monday, April 30, 2012

Tester Packs his Meat

Since I spend a lot of time beating up Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever Tester” I thought I might present the “other side” of the story in this post. I have been accused of showing bias on occasion and would like to let you hear from the Senator in his own words. The following campaign ad is paid for by the Tester campaign and is currently airing. Tell me what you think of his ad . '


  1. I saw this ad a couple times over the weekend on the local channel 5 station and a friend and I were discussing it at the local watering hole too and he said "if I were a hundred pounds over weight and running for reelection i'm not sure I would chose this ad to air among the many others to choose from." Me I thought of that ad for Beggin Strips, our dog loves them and we have to carry them with us when we travel with her just like ole Jon! You know the one... "bacon...bacon...where's the bacon, I smell bacon...bacon...bacon...only one thing smells like bacon and that's bacon...bacon, bacon, bacon there, from that bag what's it say, I can't read, please, please give me what's in the bag, chewy, yummy, smoky, bacon! Oh boy oh boy oh boy num, num, num, it's bacon!"

  2. He is trying for the hillbilly vote. Jon campaigned against Conrad Burns saying his hillbilly ways embarrassed Montanans and now Jon is trying to be Burns reincarnated because it gets votes

  3. John didn't get to be a lard ass eating meat. It must be all those thousand dollar a plate campaign dinners he attends with his democrat cronies