Monday, April 23, 2012

Steve Bullock needs some competent campaign staff

Back on Thursday The Corrector posted a story hi-lighting an advertisement paid for by the Montana Republican Party that took Attorney General Steve Bullock to task for not joining other states in a lawsuit to fight ObamaCare. Bullock, now the apparent Democrat candidate for Montana governor, refused repeated requests to join any of the suits because he didn’t want Montana to be burdened with the cost of the suit. He conveniently left out the fact that several of the states joining the suit just paid an approximate $400 filing fee to simply add their names to existing suits. Interestingly an article posted on the Flint Report today pointed out that attorney Tim Fox offered to draft and file a friend of the court brief on behalf of Montana citizens for free. Fox, who is now seeking election to the Attorney General post, said at the time that “This is one of the most important cases to come before the Supreme Court in our lifetimes, and it is a dereliction of duty for Steve Bullock to be asleep at the wheel.” Even Bullocks fellow democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer projected it will cost Montana $300 million dollars to comply with ObamaCare.

The truth of the matter is that Bullock refused to join in any suits against ObamaCare because he didn’t want to fall out of favor with any of his Democrat cronies like Senator Tester who actually cast the vote that allowed ObamaCare to pass in the first place. Bullock didn’t want any fellow Democrats irritated with him as he was eyeing a run for the Montana governor’s office. What is truly surprising was the release of the following campaign ad paid for by the Democrat JET PAC which tries to make the claim that Bullock was only being financially conservative by refusing to join the suit. He makes out like we are getting our day in the Supreme Court for free because others have stepped up to the plate and are doing it for us. Funny thing is that Bullock was all for ObamaCare when he thought it was politically correct but now that he has seen the handwriting on the wall so to speak he is back-peddling and saying it was all about the money. Does he really think Montana voters are that simple minded?

In my humble opinion the following Democrat ad only reinforces in the voters mind that Bullock was indeed derelict in his duty.  Maybe Bullock should consider hiring a competent campaign manager that would think ads like this thru before they are actually aired?


  1. We must we must blindly vote for Steve because he is a democrat. Silly facts can't come into play

  2. I have leared one thing in 44 years, you can't trust one politician and that includes Steve Bullock. I've been reading this blog for a while but I've never commented before. I actually enjoy your amusing sense of humor, but after reading this one I have to ask...can you be fair or not? I don't think its a secret that this blog is conservative and I don't have a problem with that. But what's the point? This is the second post on Bullock in less than 1 week, will you do a post on Miller's fundraising like the Tribune did? I am just curious. Both are running for Governor and both boneheads seem to duck and run when called on the carpet. In Millers case I thought he was a good guy, but now I'm wondering, are they all just politicians that will do anything to win? Disgusting politicians. Maybe I'm just venting.

  3. Millers deal sounds a bit like disgrunted employee to me. I will have to wait and see what happens in the investigation. If I don't like Bullock, Miller or Hill who does that leave?

  4. Thanks joining in Kelli Claire

    We are looking into the Miller story. If true this would finish him but it does raise some red flags. Bishop only worked for him for 3 months, she got paid a percentage and he was raising little money. Could it all be sour grapes?

  5. I don’t trust this pretty boy guy
    Which one of the dozen guys running for governor do you think is behind the negative Ken Miller story? I am still voting for him because he is the only one that actually believes in gun rights and supports hunting. The others say they do but Miller is the only one that lives it.