Thursday, April 19, 2012

Steve Bullock Needs to Think of a Better Excuse

The following political advertisement attacking Steve Bullock, Democrat candidate for Governor, is being aired and paid for by the Montana Republican Party.  You might recall that Attorney General Bullock refused to join a lawsuit seeking to over-turn ObamaCare even though the majority of Montanans are against it and want to see it repealed.  The Bullock campaign has given the excuse that no Democrat Attorney General joined the suit, which is not true as Missouri Democrat Attorney General  Chris Coster joined the suit.  Bullock has also stated that he refused to join 14 other states in the suit because he was being a good conservative and didn’t want to spend Montana tax money on the suit.  Interestingly several of the states involved only were required to pay the $400 filing fee and nothing more was required.  I don’t know for certain but my guess would be that the Montanan Republican Party would have donated this amount to Bullock for the suit. 

Other State Attorney Generals filed legal challenges to ObamaCare within minutes of the bill being signed by the President. The Christian Science Monitor reported back in March of 2010 that 12 attorneys general joined Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum in the suit filed in Federal court. Virginia also filed a similar suit in federal court in Richmond. A third suit was filed in Michigan

We can only wait and see what the Supreme Court decides but the fact of the matter is Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock only cared about the agenda of his national Democrat comrades over what is the wishes of the Montanan citizens he was elected to protect.

Will he do anything different as governor?


  1. They are right about one thing. I do not trust Bullock to do what is best for me.

    I have my choice narrowed down to either Rick Hill or Ken Miller

  2. There are around 26 states that have some kind of suit or amicus brief against the health care mandate. 14 was just the number the first week or so