Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Global Warming - The End is Near

A bit of a problem befell the Al Gore global warming worshippers this week when the UK Daily Mail reported that French scientists have discovered that glaciers in a mountain range west of the Himalayas have been growing larger. Apparently global cooling and a bit of an “ice age” have been occurring over the past decade or so. Needless to say I couldn’t find any good excuses for this phenomenon from the global warming crowd even after an extensive search. The Daily Caller printed the following explanation.

Glaciers are growing in the Karakoram range

Stephan Harrison, associate professor in quaternary science at the UK's University of Exeter, said the new research had showed there is 'considerable variability' in the global climate and in how glaciers respond to it. ……………. ‘Overall, the impact of melting glaciers such as these on sea level rise is known to be negligible, but it does mean that there is much more to be learnt about exactly how the world's glaciers will respond to continued global warming.'
Just to make sure we are not headed for a new ice age I think I will write my congressmen and tell them to end the carbon credit program before we all find ourselves frozen like giant popsicles. Considering the fact that we have fought the expansion of fossil fuel production and coal mining because of the release of carbon which supposedly was causing global warming we may be in danger of not having enough fuel for a heat source to save ourselves from extinction. I also seem to remember that Senator Tester spent a fair amount of time last campaign season wringing his hands over the global warming “problem” while he was berating Conrad Burns for not doing enough to save us from the inconsiderate folks spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

It would appear that this new revelation will create quite a pickle for all those warming alarmists. I wonder if Al Gore will return the millions he made by writing the “Inconvenient Truth” that helped whip everyone up into a frenzy?


  1. This is prescisely why most people have stopped using the term 'global warming' and are now using the more correct term 'climate change'

  2. It has been proven the whole issue is nothing to be alarmed about. The name was changed to climate change to make it more palatable for taxpayers when these scientists go to their governments for funding to continue these studies.

  3. It is shameful how much money has been wasted by our leaders on a questionable problem

  4. Freddy has stated:

    'It has been proven the whole issue is nothing to be alarmed about.'

    Would you please cite the source to your outrageous claim???

  5. They renamed it "climate change" because the whole global warming thing wasn't working out. Besides, with the murkier euphemism, they can continue with their planned overtaking of all economic activities, uncontradicted by evidence like the old global warming claim was.

    See, it's getting hotter - Climate Change!
    Now, it's getting cooler - Climate Change!
    Oh, it's not doing anything at all? Deniers!

  6. If Gore would write another book and the gov would hire a few thousand experts I am sure we would get to the bottom of it in a few decades