Thursday, February 18, 2010


 or at least that’s what the real “news” paper had for a headline in tonight’s paper. (we see the filing posted finally on the SOS filing page around 4:30pm)

Democrat Bob Bergren has spent four terms as the House District 33 Representative from Havre. Bergren has reached the term limit for the house and is apparently moving over to now seek the Senate District 17 seat that is currently held by termed-out Senator Kim Hanson. Unless someone else files Bergren will be facing political newcomer Republican Rowlie Hutton, a Havre minister.

Potential candidates have until March 15th, 2010 to file for the following Hill County offices; District 2 commissioner, Clerk and Recorder, Sheriff, Hill County Attorney, Hill County Superintendent of Schools, County Auditor, Public Administrator, Treasurer/Assessor, Justice of the Peace, Senate District 17, and House districts 32,33 and 34.

Also don’t forget that 3 positions are available on the Havre School Board and the Havre Daily Corrector has voted unanimously amongst our bloggers to assist and promote any candidates that will run for one of these board positions against one of these tax-spending give-away artists currently hiding and cowering under the "top-secret" banner.

Also anyone wishing to take back citizen control of either the Hill County Republican or Democrat Party's central committees that have run amuck of voter wishes need file as precinct captains to win the position as the only policy making votes within the parties. You can make a difference! File for the precinct positions.


  1. So term limits are not really limits? I didn't realize when we voted for them that the career politician could just move on over to run for another spot

    What do this preceinct people do? Aren't they the people in town that actually run the party? Does the party have to approve of me to do this? I notice that there is hardly ever more then one person on the ballot if any for these spots

  2. You will probably see Schwietzer go after Baucus' seat. They can move around all they want, providing they can get the votes.

  3. Now I know what those TV preachers mean when they say I have to chose between lightness and darkness

  4. These are some great comments and thoughts, people. I think all of you should file for office, win a really hard-fought race after months of unpaid work, go to Helena w/o expense money, quit your jobs with no job to come back to, which would open up new jobs for the Havre area. On second thought, this might be a problem for our political system as no one would be able to/afford to run. That's my opinion, and I am sticking to it.

  5. "think all of you should file for office, win a really hard-fought race after months of unpaid work, go to Helena w/o expense money"

    LOL. Well you do get a per diem, but still, a guy could go broke.

    This is why so many of our reps are retirees, or on the other side, public employees who get a leave of absence to go lobby for their agencies. Or, businessmen going broke.


  6. It is a volunteer Job. They meet for three months every two years.. is everyone on this Blog a complete idiot???? Or as I hope.. just a few of you.

  7. They actually get paid by the day they are in session plus expense money and per diem. Legislators have told me it amounts to between $18-19,000 for the two year term, plus they get State health Ins

    I don't know if they get any other benfits. They are elected for this job..........not volunteer

  8. PLUS!........... whatever they can glean from their Helena connections. How do you suppose Bob got his Dem Party paid position? or Peck got his job in the governors office until he was sacked that is.

    Or Tester. made connections, moved on to a $174,000 per year position in Washington.

    Not all these guys volunteer for "community service" Egos are also involved

  9. My point, Jim, is that I believe that in order to get more folks to run for the legislature is to increase the wages for them, make it so working men and women could actually afford to serve, to be able to leave a good paying job or successful business to go and serve their communities for a few months every couple of years without having to give up or cost them money out of there pocket to serve. A lot of people do not run for this reason alone.. could you afford to leave your job for that amount..I figured I would lose about a thousand a month if I was to serve...Thanks..DD