Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ok ………. We are certain that there will be those that will take us to task for being a No-good “prejudice” hate-spewing blog full of bloggers that are not tolerant for our fellow man that is “different” from our lily-white complexions (at least some of us at the Corrector)

We have been discussing the articles about poor Senator Jonathan Windy Boy, who thinks that every one that is non-native American is out to get him. It was bad enough that he was making racket about the lame, yet dumb “honest injun” comment by the GOP Chairman in the last post but he also has been going around trying to get “his people” better representation on the board of the Hill County Commissioners which he clams discriminates against Natives. Well Jonathan is in luck. The District 2 County Commissioner is up for election this very year and the district takes in most of the reservation. Those of us at the Corrector can never recall anyone from Rocky Boy ever running for commissioner but since Incumbent Mike Anderson has apparent problems with base of support we would say that the “stars are aligned” for our first Native American Commissioner All Jonathan has to do is field a candidate and campaign and work towards getting elected. There has never been a better opportunity for a Native American Candidate to get elected and those of us at the Corrector hope Rocky Boy fields a candidate for this position. Good Luck Jonathan and we look forward to the campaign.

Since I am one of those mostly white types, I personally found it offensive when the Great Falls Tribune reported on their front page this morning all the billions of dollars President Obama is giving to Native American Tribes strictly because of their race. No other group of people or race was given this privilege. Is not this discrimination against those like myself that are mostly white and cannot be registered on tribal enrollments?
What do our readers think?


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  2. I wonder if senator Windy Boy understands that discrimination can be towards anyone not just natives. He seems to have forgotten that as a Montana senator his job is to represent us all no matter what our race is.His legilative efforts are skewed to only one race. I would like to know if Rocky Boy residents pay taxes to Hill County, if not how can they feel they deserve to serve on the commission. The county commission has no authority on the reservation as they are sovern nation. I suggest that before Windy Boy screems discrimination he should look at how he and other natives treat non-natives. The reservation has many racial things happen all indian Rodeos, all indian ball tournaments, they charge non-natives to work on the reservation.I wonder what would happen if and other senator said he was working hard for white country? Windy Boy is alwise saying he is working hard for indian country. It seems to me if you want equality you should step up to bat leavel the field and pay the same tax as non-natives, follow the rest of societies rules, treat others as you wish to be treated.If Rocky Boy is going require a native american on the county commission then how about hill county require they have some non-natives on tribal council? seems only fair.

  3. I remember he does play the discrimination card ALL THE TIME.. I remember hearing from a friend of mine that he complains about how the police in Havre target Natives there... And all have to say it that the police loved targeting MY WHITE ASS when I use to live there.. They when as far as to destroy a key document that would have made my court hearing a victory.. And yeah, that document disappeared and turn itself into a different document stating that I waived all my constitutional rights and on the line where I was suppose to sign it, was written in a officer's hand writing in cursive, "verbal" (I never write in cursive, my signature is cursive. BUT THATS IT!)... Yeah they did my white ass dirty! So if you wanna say that the Havre police are bigots... Sure they to Native Americans and to my white cracker ass.... And yeah I still have that document and all the other court documents that had to do with that case.