Friday, February 19, 2010


After one of our recent posts we received some questions about the elected Precinct positions. Basically each of the four “official” political parties in Montana is controlled by something similar to a board of directors that are elected from each precinct in the voting districts. In Hill County both the Democrat and Republican Party voters in each precinct elect these directors, or precinct representatives to represent them in local party business. These elected representatives are the only people who can officially vote on any business brought forth at party Central Committee meetings. Both the Republicans and Democrats in Havre hold regular meetings each month where numerous votes are taken on business brought before the Central Committee. Legally, only those elected by ballot, or in the case of a precinct being vacant, those appointed by the County Chairman can vote. The Corrector has been told by both parties that they routinely take Yea or Nay votes from those present at their meetings without regard to the voting members qualifications. However, in the case of a contentious vote, both groups only count the votes of the official voting members. Votes for the leadership of the local county party can also only be cast by these elected precinct people.

These “official” precinct people are elected in the June 8th primary this year. If you want to see changes or make waves in your local Democrat or Republican Parties you need to file the attached “Declaration for Nomination and Oath of Candidacy” with the Hill County Clerk by the March 15th deadline. Make sure it is notarized and on time.

We challenge all our readers to take an active and official part in their party’s inner workings.  If you wish you can also direct further questions to both the Hill County Democrat Party Chairman, John Musgrove and the Hill County Republican Party Chairman, Andrew Brekke


  1. Which office are you going run for? With your newly announced fervor for "us citizens" to take control back of our local political parties we surely don't want any overlaps. Your understanding of the way politics work overwhelms me. Yep, you guys are a kick.

  2. Haven’t you been paying attention Bill? It’s that idea that we don’t want overlap that has been causing the parties to stay in the rut. We do want new blood, Challenge that old timer that has been doing politics as usual since the 60’s. I hope there are 3 people vying for every position, no matter what party. Don’t complain without doing, stop the blame game and do something!

    For your information Bill, every single one of the people involved with this blog are either holding a party office with their respective political party, running for some sort of office, or currently involved somehow with a political office. What are you doing Bill?

  3. Don't pay any attention to bill. He is one of those political party haters and if you read back through his comments they are all about "Bush's fault" or otherwise insulting to someone

    I have been involved in the past and know it is lots of work and no matter what you do you have someone not happy. Thanks for encouraging people to get involved actually doing something instead of just bellyaching on this blog

  4. to H.D.C.;
    THis old man once, told me to always vote for the new guy because it takes them a couple years to learn how to steal.

  5. It seems that your reader bill has a bad partisan attitude