Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2nd Grade Bike Rack: Was That A Camelina Biodiesel Plant That Just Flew By?

Fabulous well reasoned post over at the 2nd Grade Bike Rack Be sure and take a look via the link in the title

The Corrector would like to add a few photos of the “progress” at the alleged City- County Industrial Park spoke of in the 2nd Grade Bike Rack blog (ER… make that county industrial park because the city and county can’t work anything together) Funny thing is the rail line still looks deserted and the track is presently storing out of service rail cars. Timmie Leeds at the HDN says that this plant will be absolutely underway by this fall with NMC’s Chancellor Trockie leading the pack (hey wait a minute ……. Didn’t the university system just Can him for being too forward thinking?)
Never the less …….. at least they got a sign erected, painted a shovel gold and had a big press release and even had a ground breaking a couple of years ago for the last dream (ethanol wasn’t it then?)


A few yards of dirt scraped off

Slough by the unused railroad track


  1. HDC, thank you for letting some of us see what the site looks like today, and thanks for the cross post.

  2. I have wondered about this too since the article in the Havre Daily came out. Nothing ever seems to materialize from all these big plans. Nothing reported in the Havre Daily ever comes to true.

    We are getting a: (fill in the blank)

    Meat packing plant
    Golf course with home sites
    Ethanol plant
    Private prison
    Business incubator
    Drone aircraft testing
    Convention Center
    Interpretive Center
    Tourism / Visitor center
    And etc, etc

  3. This is a pipe dream pure and simple

  4. LOL
    I do remember the big plans for the Rocky Mountain Packing Plant that was going to be a bonanza for Havre employing hundreds of people. They took out a big loan from Bear Paw Development to renovate and get geared up and all they did was buy a new Cadillac and stuff the trunk full of Bear Paw Development cash and promptly leave town

    The only ones that came out was the out of town snake oil salesman that left with the new Cadillac and Bear Paw development who got a cut of the loan as their fee.

    This land has no water or utilities of any kind and the only road is a muddy mess. The rail tracks haven’t been used since the late sixties. It will be a money pit with no bottom