Friday, June 17, 2011

Brother: Can you spare a Trillion?


  1. Thats funny corrector, i remember johnson pretty much talking about the same kind of money madness before he got kicked off your site for it. You remember, the billions on crates in iraq and how that was the tip of the iceberg... well, here ya go, now censor youself.

  2. AXslinger
    You may also recall that we doubted Johnson’s story about the pallets of money but he actually provided the link and the picture to prove his story so we admitted he was right.
    Also Johnson WAS NOT KICKED OFF OUR SITE. You may recall Johnson saying several times he was very ill but we know nothing of what has become of him. (If someone does know what has become of Johnson send us an e-mail at ) From the time we started this blog to date we have only banned one person. We do not ban people for giving opposing viewpoints