Monday, June 6, 2011

City Council Holds Hearing to Ban Cell Phones Tonight

Banning cell phone use while driving is on our brown shirt socialist governments “we can save everybody” City Council’s agenda tonight at 7 pm.    If you have an opinion about making yet another “crime” a primary offence while driving show up to voice your opinion.  More details here


  1. You really think showing up at the council meeting will do any good? I don’t think they care what the people think.

    Just bend over and take it!

  2. I hope Val Murri is one of the first people to get a ticket after he has pushed this on the council for so long. I have seen him on the phone in his vehicle but then again maybe he feels that he is a better driver than the rest of us poor stupid folks. Do we not have the right to privacy that the constitution of the united states offers us. I really do not like the idea of handing my phone to some police officer so he can look through my personal messages and recent calls to see if I was on the phone. This ban could have a bad side as well lets say you were stopped at a stop light on the phone and some one rear ends you now you will be at fault also because you were on the phone. If they are going to do this ban then there better not be any exceptions cops included. It is a shame that we don't try to slow down some of the theft and vandolism being done then work at making new laws we don't have the man power to inforce.

  3. One more excuse a cop can use in hunting DUIs.

    Personally I think the greatest Havre driving danger is when the children are out for lunch from the high school. A driver is taking their own life in their hands on fifth or first at that time.

    Additionally, is this law going to be enforced evenly? I don't think so. Cops will watch people talk on their phone and only pull over the ones they choose.

    The residents of Havre should bring out the pitchforks and torches to protest this really bad idea.

    Quite simply it is none of the city's business, particularly when there are so many unsolved burglary and vandalism crimes happening.

    I would like to se my tax dollars being spent protecting Havre residents from actual crime.

  4. Where's Wendy's Militia when we need it?

  5. No kidding Jake, we need someone up here to save us. I heard tonight that it actually passed 5-3with Brekke, Trethewey and Veis opposed. It goes into effect October 1st. Unbelieveable! Thanks Woody, I'm sure a misdemeanor for the perp makes your neck feel much better!