Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HHS Awards Roof Contract

I see in tonight’s local “News” paper that the school board has approved Havre High School roof repairs to the tune of $974,330. Approximately $358,000 of this amount is to rectify crappy workmanship from the original contract. Low bidder Talcott Construction surprisingly came in nearly a quarter of a million dollars under the prices offered by the next bidders.

Either some contractors have an obscene profit margin or Mr. Talcott has one darn efficient operation. I wonder if anyone is going to bother to oversee this project and make a few inspections to avoid another calamity or if the taxpayers are going to be on their own again like last time?

Any comments?

Havre Daily “News” story here


  1. I dont get it, they talked about the deviations from the original plans from the last roof rebuild. If the last contractor deviated from the plans, which in turn the "main cause" of current damages, how come the last contractor dosent have to pony up some cash?

  2. When you have and endless supply of tax payer dollars to fix the problem, why would you try and have someone be acountable for poor workmanship. i don't think Talcott has any idea of what a mess they have. Thats OK, when they have another wreck, they can call up Clausens and have them clean up the mess.

  3. I agree AX

    Also what about the inspector the engineer paid to inspect the contractor's work? Or what about the city inspector that was paid a larged permit fee to inspect the job?

    All three of these should be made to devy up the one million dollars cost of this mess

    The paper says the insurance will pay only 200 thous of the one million being spent

    Mismanagement grande

  4. The bigger question is what is the behind the scenes story regarding Havre's former police chief and the throwdown at PJ's?

    Perhaps a Havre Jerry Springer re-enactment, or is there more to the story.

    As usual the Havre Daily News was at best vague and poorly written.

    My question is at 1:20 AM was this individual considering driving home? Anyone else driving at that time after being to the bar would have been in jail.

  5. I would like to think that after the repairs are made and the bill paid that the school would have the right to take action against the original contractor. That is what I would do. Bottom line repairs are needed either you repair it or you let it fall into a heap and build a new one you choose.

  6. Don't tell them to let it fall down, they will and we will end up footing the bill to build a new school. They would love to do that.