Thursday, June 16, 2011

Montana ranked 29th in "Freedom"

How “Free” are we really in Montana? We like to think that as native Montanans we are an independent lot that goes about our own business and haven’t let anyone erode our “rights” but is that really the case? We like to cite those pesky out-of-staters that have moved into the western portion of our state that love to regulate everything and everyone but are they really the problem?

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University has just released a study that ranks all 50 states according to the freedoms enjoyed by their citizens using what they call the “State Freedom Calculator”. Surprisingly Montana is ranked a dismal 29th.  Read the study and Montana's rank here


  1. Hey, good catch. I think that I had the same idea once.

  2. Yep I see we follow the same train of thought Steve. By the way ........ I love your blog

  3. I'm surprised it's not lower after this joke of a legislature that we just witnessed.