Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Blood for Havre City Council

Good Bye Cowboy Kaul
Democrat Bonnie Parenteau is the lone candidate for Ward one. Republican Brian Barrows is the lone candidate for Ward 2 and incumbent Republican Andrew Brekke didn’t receive a challenge and will retain his seat. The only contested race is in Ward 3 where newcomer Republican Rick Dow will face incumbent Democrat Bob Kaul. At least we have a couple of new faces that should improve the make-up of the council and we also have the opportunity to get shed of “The Cowboy pretender and Rat safety officer’ Bob Kaul

The current council has set the bar pretty low so any change will be an improvement. Interestingly when Dow slam dunks Kaul the council will have 4 republicans in the city council office for the first time in many decades.

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