Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Havre Council says Drink the Black Water – It is Safe

Filthy slimy repulsive putrid sludge
That pretty much sums up what has been coming out of our multi-million dollar water treatment plant the past couple of months. Pour yourself a glass of water and it even looks brown with some days being worse than others. The city mucky-mucks when fielding complaints of course say that no matter how it looks it is indeed safe to drink. I have been drinking only Culligan water and if I step out to eat I order tea or coffee because the appearance is about the same as this “clean” water. Why did we spend millions on the super-duper water treatment plant if no one knows how to treat the water?

Last night’s Havre Daily “News” lead story was about Havre’s Great Northern Inn’s problems with the water staining their linens. Apparently they took a complaint to the Havre City Council and you can only imagine the fine reception they received there. The Corrector’s best council buddy Democrat Gerry Vies said the problem could be easily remedied by the Great Northern Inn just buying new rust colored towels and sheets. The senile Republican councilman Bob Kaftan thought maybe a cheaper solution for the motel would be to just erect some signs telling their guests that the towels had really been washed and were actually clean but just merely stained from a problem with the water. It is apparent that stupid statements come from both parties and the Havre Council is non-partisan in their problem solving skills.

Interestingly it appears that now that the paper did an article on this problem the city is willing to maybe, just maybe take a look at having the water analyzed to see what treatment chemicals could be used to correct this problem. Why didn’t the little thought of changing treatment procedures occur to anyone months ago?

I hate to admit it but the first smart thing I have seen out of councilwoman Pam Hillary was printed in her letter to the editor in last night’s paper. She made an impassioned plea for some new folks to run for council. The filing deadline is June 30th


  1. Plus you have to pay plenty just to get this poor water service.

    The council should be like any business and remember it is the water users that are the customers. What other business would stay in operation if the best customer service advice they could come up with was to put up signs or buy stain matched towels? Try correcting the problem or finding a solution instead of just smart aleck comments

    Why is Gerry Veis even on the council when it so obvious he detests being there? Bob Kaftan has never earned a dime in the private sector and he is nearly 80 years old so it is time for him to move on also.

  2. This has been a problem for years yet we were told when we spent 10 million or so for a new treatment plant all our troubles would be over. What Havre really needs is a City-County professional manager that has some training and actually knows how a city should be run

    It is inexcusable that our so called public servants should have so little regard for the people of Havre

  3. Who would expect any other kind of response from Jerry Vies who is a jock headed idiot who graduated near the bottom of his class at nmc (Harvard on the hill). One has to feel a little sorry for Bob Kaftan who is totally senile to the point that 2 hours after a council meeting, he is calling other council members to ask what the subject matter was at the meeting. Of course he also taught at Harvard on the hill.

    Hey baldy! been kicked out of any MAT performances lately?

  4. Those comments from our so called Council Members are irresponsible and immature. If Veis forked over the money to stay in a high end hotel he'd raise holy hell at the front desk if his sheets and towels were stained! I doubt a sign or an "I'm sorry, our water just sucks" would appease him!

  5. That is just a normal comment for Veis because he gets off on being bizarre. If Veis and a few people with Alzheimer’s weren’t on the council what would we do for entertainment here in backwards thinking Havre Montana?

  6. One more reason Gerry Vies should be asked to resign by his constituents.

    Absolutely out of touch with how a business works.

    He should get back to sitting over his desk and snowpile like Tony Montana in Scarface.