Monday, August 29, 2011

14 New Jobs in Seattle

I love watching the news and seeing all the wonderful things that are being accomplished with my tax money to help “stimulate” the economy. The City of Seattle, one of the Greenie Mecca’s of green job thinking was given a $20 million dollar stimulus grant over 16 months ago to weatherize homes in Seattle and save energy while creating jobs. How are they doing you may ask?

Well they created a program that provided a job for 14 people and have upgraded the energy level of a whooping three homes thus far. The Mayor of Seattle says it is way too early to tell if the program is actually a bust. Oddly most of the 14 jobs created are administrative positions and any business wanting to participate in this program must pay their employees $21 per hour plus a full benefit package including a retirement plan. That sounds great but the average pay in the Seattle area for insulators is $12 per hour so there is no market for these newly trained “professional insulators” in this price range but I am sure there is a long-range plan there somewhere to make this program viable and they just haven't discovered it yet.

But not to worry as they are only 16 months into the three year program so the 14 new jobs are secure for at least two more years.  It would appear that what we need is just another stimulus package to keep this ball rolling so let’s hope the “hope and change” guy can get re-elected and continue with this lunacy.

For all you “No Child Left Behind” graduates try dividing $20 million by 14 jobs and see what that magic number turns out to be per job created.

Seattle Green Jobs Program


  1. scuttlebutt i.m hearing is the road job contractor is going to rebuild/refurbish the road to the new dump, not sure if that is the saddlebutte way or the hwy 2 way or both

  2. Sounds the same as the local reservation jobs training grants

  3. 1.42 million

    I could live on that for 3 years