Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creating Jobs Obama Style

The 1.1 million dollar bus that President Obama bought to do his “grass roots” traveling to be close to the real people like “Joe the Plumber” actually got a costly security rebuild to the tune of another million or so which is not like any ordinary bus. It even has the capability of allowing the Prez to nuke someone’s hindquarters right off the face of the earth if the need arises. President Obama plans to use this bus to tour through the countryside to promote his “Jobs Plan” for getting America back to work.

Ironically this luxury bus was built in Canada which doesn’t seem to me to do much for promoting American jobs.  It's time to throw Obama under the bus and elect a new president.

Read this sad fairytale over at the New York Post here


  1. Is there any special meaning to the black color? It looks fairly sinister to this commoner.

  2. It may have provided jobs for Canadians building this bus but you failed to mention all the jobs the government will create to operate this bus.

    1st the construction people to build a new secure hanger for this albatross. Then the dozen or so that will drive not to mention the mechanics, bus chef, bus maid, security people, housekeeping staff, wax and polish personnel and of course one of those $200,000 per year Czars to oversee the whole operation. Look at all the jobs President Obama will create with this bus.

  3. So, you're saying you're not in favor of Obama in 2012? Come on Corrector, people need to know!

  4. So are you saying you will continue to support Obama in 2012 Fitty? If so you are the first I've heard that will admit it.

    Considering Obama's poor record why hasn't a Democrat appeared to oppose him in 2012?

  5. 'Considering Obama's poor record why hasn't a Democrat appeared to oppose him in 2012?'

    Hillary just made a very public disagreement with his policy.

    Gov Cuomo has also made sume rumblings.

    The Great Governor Brian Schwietzer also wrote an op-ed piece for todays New York Times.

    We all may see some excitement.

  6. I don't blindly support Obama, but considering the insanity coming from the Right, I might be throwing away my vote on a third party this year.