Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Systematic Indoctrination

School Indocrination - another reason to vote no to increased education levys

Note the source of this brain washing –  MoveOn.org  -- The one and same outfit that worked tirelessly to help get Senator “No Earmarks Ever” Tester elected.


  1. The school classroom is where the global warming nonsense gained traction.

    Read your child’s history books and you will see that even history has been revised to not offend anyone

  2. Systematic Indoctrination = Fox News

  3. I have watched this indoctrination of liberal thinking at both school age and at the college level for many years. The go green and the cost be damned mentality comes from brainwashing begun at an early age exactly like is portrayed in this advertisement. I agree Deconstructor that Fox News just tell the story most always from the right wing viewpoint but you failed to mention that CNN and MSBN only report the liberal view. If you really want to hear both sides before taking a position on a topic you will have to listen to both viewpoints.

    Do the kids at our schools ever get an opportunity to hear the opposing viewpoint? Has anyone actually told them that it is just possible Al Gore and the whole global warming scare is just a huge farce perpetrated to fund green jobs?

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  5. If you really believe that Fitty

    You are one of the already indocrinated. Did the school tell you Fox news was evil so you could agree with Deconstructor?

    It really doesn't matter as it is all Bushes fault

  6. Havre has had its share of colorful history teachers.

    I remember Mayor Ray kept a picture of himself on his desk (smiling at himself)

    And there was also a very twisted social studies teacher at the old junior high (across from the Presbyterian church) that used to write the word 'oil' on the chalk board and mumble it to himself over and over.

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  9. What do you mean there is no money in it? 80% of our property tax goes to education as well as a substantial federal education budget so there is huge money in it. Even in Montana teachers make more than 65% of their fellow Montanans and the administrators are paid in the top 20% of all wage earners.

    Education is big bucks Fitty not to mention the June, July and August holiday