Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Food Stamps Really Create Jobs?

Obama’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says “Food stamps are an economic stimulus that create jobs” If what he says is true we are well on our way to recovery as Food Stamp participation has doubled in the last three years. And here I thought President Obama, Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus were on the wrong track.

What is wrong with these idiots?

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  1. Perhaps Sec Vilsack has never been asked to defend his ridiculous assertion.

  2. I bet gary and leo, and walmart like the food stamp program just fine. In fact, i heard they would like to see the program enlarged.

  3. Ax, with all due respect, you, like Sec. Vilsack and President Obama, are missing the point! No one is arguing that this is not stimulative, it is. And I am sure Gary & Leo's and Walmart like the program as it is money spent in their stores; however, that doesn't make it right. Moreover, we as a society should not as the Corrector put it recently be celebrating this as some major achievement. It is embarrasing.

  4. Well, professor, im deeply sorry that people who cant afford to feed themselves embarrasses you.

    And, if i say that G&L and walmart like the program, I'm missing the point. But if you say it, its ok?

  5. What?

    Where do I begin...

    1) I never said I am embarrased by people who cannot afford food, I said I am embarrased by the idiots in charge of this country who celebrate this as an economic victory. There is a big difference, Axslinger. The very fact that more people are on government assistance than ever before is proof that this Administration's policies have failed miserably and to blame this person or that person or whomever is plain idiotic. If more people were back to work, less people would need food stamps, it really is that simple.

    2) I wasn't implying your point about Gary and Leo's et al was missing the point, I was "pointing" out your inference that this must therefore be positive. That is in itself missing the point. Why? Because it is a celebration just as Secretary Vilsack intended to do when mentioning the stimulative nature of food stamps. Once again, the fact that it is stimulative (why Gary & Leo's like it) is not in question, it is whether or not we should be happy that food stamps are being handed out at record levels and if this is good thing or not. "Let me be clear" (in my best Obama voice) it isn't and it never is.

    For those of us who enjoy watching the stupidity of others on display for all, chew on this one for a minute. Isn't pointing out this fact about food stamps tantamount to admitting your economic failures? Yet the Dems attempt to spin this as a positive...how marvelously inept!

  6. Professor-just look in the mirror if you want or enjoy watching stupity in action

  7. The food stamp program mostly just makes jobs for paper shufflers and government bureaucrats.

    Supervision of food stamps costs as much as the face value of the stamps themselves

  8. What really bothers me is seeing the food stamps being used to buy cart fulls of frozen microwave meals. Cut back on the benefits and they might have to learn to cook real food.

  9. Lets put a few things in perspective.

    Yes there are administrative costs to give food aid to people.


    Every man, woman, and child in this country could have a medicare style insurance policy for a year than we are spending for our war/occupation of Iraq.

    We are now spending more money on defense than the rest of the world combined. Any study of any empire in history causes one to understand that this is not only unsustainable, but could be the end of our way of life.

    The biggest welfare problem of all is corporate welfare, with the bank bailout, and Max Baucus health insurance fiasco leading the list. It is an inherent failure of our system, under which campaign contributions become legal bribes that politicians need to accept in order to get enough money to win their races.

    Whether actual deals are made in the areas of contibutions for specific legislation is unimportant. What is important is that large contributors get access to the policy makers, and the policy makers are again starting another election cycle.

    This is a systemic problem that could very well be the end of our nation as we know it. One needs to remember how quickly the USSR fell-not because of Ronald Reagan- but rather after being financially broken because of an unjustified invasion/occupation of Afghanistan.

    I really wish people would crack a history book rather than listen to the corporate propaganda of Fox News.