Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Holidays (Again)

Hey Ma! …………… The bank has just raised our loan limit so let’s say we borrow a few more dollars and go on a luxury vacation and we can try to figure out our budget mess after we get back and are more relaxed.

All this debt-ceiling debate has taken its toll on the players and as Washington eases back for the summer break President Obama set off Thursday to Martha’s Vineyard for his summer 10 day vacation. While the timing of the President taking a vacation costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars is questionable prior presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have partaken in the Martha’s Vineyard experience. However what I find totally appalling is the big bucks the stupidity of our queen Moochelle costs the taxpayers. She hopped a government Jet with the two youngin’s and touched down around 2 pm Thursday. The president followed in Air Force One about 3 hours later.

Is this pair for real? We have been yapping on and on about the debt crisis for weeks and the queen can’t even wait a few hours for her man to get off work when they know full well that the extra staff and plane will cost 10’s of thousands and for what? A couple hours extra vacation time? Also the Martha’s Vineyard Times has a photo of an itty bitty little Air Force cargo plane that transported “equipment” the President deemed “essential” for his 10 day holiday. See the picture here. He must have packed one heck of a load of clean shorts for this vacation.

The arrogance of this do-nothing administration is downright stomach turning. If you can stand knowing what the leader of the most powerful country in the free world is up to the next 10 days you can keep abreast of the news at the Martha’s Vineyard Times website.


  1. I remember Bush doing the same crap a few years ago. It's business as usual in Washington, and neither one of these parties are going to do anything about it. You can complain about Obama all you want, but I guarantee you that whoever the Republicans put up against him (except maybe Ron Paul) will do the exact same things.

  2. So why do we the people stand for it Fitty?

  3. And stop watching reality TV or get off Facebook for the better good of the country? They won't. It is going to take a leader that is willing to make unpopular decisions for the good of the country. Unfortunately those type of people are too smart for politics or would never get elected because they won't blow rainbows up people's asses like the current like.