Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MATL Line Hits another Big Snag

Thanks to a fellow blogger over at the 2nd Grade Bike Rack we were pointed to a story over at KRTV that announced that Tonbridge Power Inc has requested its stock stop trading on the Canadian market due to “pending news”. Tonbridge Power is the parent company of MATL (Montana-Alberta Tie Line) which has garnered so much attention the past year because of eminent domain issue. You may recall that the Montana Legislature reviewed several proposed eminent domain legislative actions designed to allow the construction of this line. Tonbridge stock was selling for $2.33 a share a year ago and as of the stop trading request it was at $0.25 a share.

How is all this going to shake out for the completion of this line?

Here are some news sources for what is happening with Tonbridge Power and the MATL line:

Thanks to 2nd Grade Bike Rack for pointing us to this story

KRTV News story here
Another Informative article at the Choteau Acantha

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  1. One guy with a teepee ring stopped this company in their tracks