Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hipocracy Alert!

With the U.S. Treasury Department's recent announcement about the National Debt fresh in our minds, the folks over at CNSNews unearthed this little nugget from the 2008 Presidential Campaign when then Senator Barack Obama, D-IL was campaigning next door in North Dakota.

Now here we are some 3 years later and this President has run up the same amount of debt in less than half the time Good Ole Dubya had and he is somehow less unpatriotic?
Let's recap. "Dubya spent all that money on those pesky wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Obama got our troops out of there and," oops, nope that's right he actually sent more troops and started up another skirmish in Libya. "Bush gave the rich all those tax cuts. Good thing Obama and the Dems cancelled those and," oops, nope they extended them for a few more years.
Typical political hypocracy. Do as I say and not as I do.
But never fear, because as soon as he gets back from his vacation, he's going to work really hard to get this economy back on the right track and tackle the nation's unemployment problem. Believe him? Well one things for sure, we can't wait for the upcoming jobs plan announcement, thank goodness for Youtube, next year at this time we'll probably be laughing about that too, unfortunately!


  1. Wow, this one says it all. Careful what you wish for folks, it just might happen!

  2. But it is different when a democrat does it.

    You must be racist

    It's all Bushes fault