Friday, August 19, 2011

Open Records Laws Ignored by Montana

Apparently Havre isn’t the only place where the government entities work diligently to keep you in the dark. The Montana Watchdog reports that the Montana Policy Institute (MPI) has filed a lawsuit to compel the State of Montana to release information regarding state employee pay. MPI has been dogging the state for this information since August of 2010 and have been stonewalled for over a year now so they have elected to sue. So much for the states open records law.

Why does the state continue to refuse to provide this information? Could it be they don’t want the tax payers to know how many bureaucrats are on the payroll with salaries in excess of $200,000? Recent Worker’s compensation discussions during the last legislative session revealed the head of the division is paid in excess of $250,000 per year with another handful of administrators making close to $200,000 and they are just one agency. As an over burdened taxpayer I want to know how many of these quarter of a million dollar lackeys we have on the payroll. Maybe the Governor just thinks that the average Montanan earning less than $30,000 might be upset to see all these lay-abouts paid these exorbitant salaries.

Kudos to the Montana Policy Institute for leading this charge

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