Monday, January 23, 2012

The Deadbeats Are In Charge!

We were shocked by the story in our inbox this morning from our liberal friends at the Washington Post discussing the $1.03 Billion in outstanding tax debt owed by employees of the federal government in 2010 alone!  What???  Yep you read that right, that is $1 Billion with a B!

So let's get this straight...we have to pay our taxes and if we don't we have to pay fines and interest and eventually get prosecuted.  Moreover if we worked for a company and owed that company money, how long would we keep our job if we continued to not pay our debts?  Lucky for these folks they work for the U.S. Government and cannot be fired and there is no law to compel them to do so.

Now members of Congress are beginning to take note of these debtors and call for legislation to expel these employees for failure to pay their debts.  Funny enough this job is left to Congress to punish these freeloaders and tax cheats.  Takes one to know one, comes to mind here, but we digress. 

To be fair, less employees are delinquent in 2010 than were short in 2009, but the amount owed has increased by $32 million according to the Washington Post.  The article also points out that these deadbeats, whose salaries are paid by the taxes we pay, is not isolated to one particular agency or branch of government more than others, but are across the board, includind those working for our Congress.  Imagine that, Congressionl staffers, burning the midnight oil to help draft the very legislation to prohobit these cheats could be delinquent themselves, 4% of that workforce is in debt to the IRS.

As we begin the rough and tumble campaign season, let us take these issues and the many others into account and hold our members of Congress to task for their failures to fix these obvious and purposeful tax evasions.  We have to pay, so should they!

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  1. Speaking of tax cheats I read that Senator Windy Boy has filed for reelection. He was just listed again this month in the scandal sheet as having an additional IRS lien levied against him.