Friday, January 27, 2012

Pondering How to Receive a Journalism Award

Nearly three weeks have gone by since it has come to light that the Havre High School District has filed suit in District court against Dick Anderson Construction and Springer Group Architects yet nary a comment from the Havre Daily “News”. Considering the fact that the bulk of our property tax dollars go to support our local schools wouldn’t you think this information would be something our local “professional award-winning fine investigative” reporters from the Havre Daily “News” would want to jump all over?

Are they having a news blackout or are they still oblivious that this suit was even filed? Maybe they have been busy doing their first of the year polishing and buffing of all those journalism trophies they are always bragging about?  I guess I can wait another week or two for them to “break” this story.

Just something to ponder after a long week at work.  Any thoughts or "tips" give me a shout at

PS to investigative reporters -  The courthouse where they keep court documents and this sort of information is the big white building on 4th St.  You might want to check out Senator Windy Boy's newest tax lien while you are there also since he is a candidate for state office.    Just sayin


  1. I had hoped the school board would try to recoup some of the loss on the bungled roof job. They should also go after the City of Havre building department that happily took their money for a building permit yet failed to inspect the work to make sure it was being done up to the building codes

    Incompetence was extensive on this project by all parties involved including the school board

  2. Saw the notice in the scandal sheet weeks ago and wondered the same thing. Maybe the schoolboard is keeping information secret again?

  3. Did you see the the enviros are using Windy Boy as their top spokesperson against the Keystone Pipeline? There is a guest opinion "written" (signed) by him in the Helena IR. if that's the beat they could get hats really saying something...

  4. You all are in luck

    The HDN has a front page story about this in tonight's paper. It said the complaint was filed last month