Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Keystone Blockage Makes Millions for Warren Buffett

The Democrat administrations NO vote on the Keystone Pipeline is starting to make sense from the political cronyism standpoint after I read this report over at Yahoo Finance

Since North Dakota’s crude won’t be able to be moved by the Keystone pipeline industry officials say that it will have to be shipped by rail because the current pipelines are at capacity. I wonder who will benefit from this increase in rail traffic. It will hardly be the environmentalists that clamored for the NO vote on the Keystone because the increase in rail shipments will invariably result in more gallons spilled than any pipeline currently now moving crude. So why is this movement of crude by rail better?

Wayde Schafer, a North Dakota spokesman for the Sierra Club agreed that shipping oil by rail and truck was far more likely to cause spills and then went on to insinuate what is really needed was an effort to stop fossil fuel extractions altogether and start developing “other” energy sources. These job killing environmentalists are not going to be happy until we are all paying 10 times the cost of the current fossil fuels so the so called green energy is finally economically feasible and can compete with fossil fuels.

Presently nearly 510,000 barrels of oil are produced daily in North Dakota of which nearly 128,000 barrels are shipped by rail. BNSF is part of the Warren Buffett Empire that stands to make millions in revenue from the Obama administration blocking the Keystone Pipeline. Not so ironically Warren Buffett is one of Obama’s close cronies and is his personal energy advisor. I guess cronyism is not unique to just our governor and the State of Montana. What we all need to do is pay attention to the Presidents close advisors and invest heavily in their enterprises because it is apparent that the President financially rewards his cronies that support his lunacy.


  1. Buffett make huge donations to Obama and his democrat senators

    Why shouldn't he get back some graft and corruption as a reward? You can bet that Tester and Baucus got in on this too just watch and see

  2. Just confiscate all his wealth that he wants to give up anyway. Won't even have to tax him. We're all happy, right.

  3. Obama is so transparent- everything he does is calculated to his own political gain so this does not surprise me at all.