Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Professional "Occupy" Training now Available

Great news for all you people out there that are sick of the “man” and want to stage a 60’s style sit-in or rally people to your cause like the Occupy Wall Street lay-abouts but really don’t know how to get organized to get the most out of your community organizing efforts. The New York Post recently ran a story announcing that the prestigious Columbia University will be offering a new graduate course called simply “Occupy 101” The class will be taught by the doctorate holding Hannah Appel who was one of the crowd camping out in Zuccotti Park protesting against the 1% or the country’s money brokers that are ruining the chances of Utopia for the other 99% of the people. Never mind that most of said protesters were an unemployed lot of whiners that were upset because they think they are entitled to the “good life” with no effort on their own part.

I wonder what the mommies and daddies shelling out over $40,000 a year in tuition to Columbia will think of their little darlings enrolling in this course? Is it just me? Or is there something wrong with an education system that sets course to brainwash the spoiled and gullible while taking the parents hard-earned dollars for tuition?

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