Monday, January 30, 2012

The Havre Daily “Snooze” Finally “Breaks” the School Story

In our blog post last Friday I wondered if our local “news” paper was oblivious to the fact that the school district had filed a lawsuit against Anderson Construction and Springer Group Architects.  I got my answer to that question tonight. The above the fold (the coveted location for the number one news story of the day) headline in tonight’s Havre Daily “News” read School Files Roof Collapse Complaint. I guess they were indeed snoozing as they reported that the court documents were filed on Dec 29th of last year. If the story was important enough to warrant an above the fold placement in tonight’s paper why wasn’t it important back the end of last year? I guess I don’t understand “professional” journalism.

What I found personally painful was not the fact that they read opinion blogs to find news articles but that they didn’t even give The Havre Daily Corrector a mention as being their source for their latest “breaking story.” I didn’t expect awards like their reporters are always receiving or a trophy nor anything else but a mention of where they first saw the story would only be a professional courtesy wouldn’t you think? I felt so bad about being snubbed it brought a tear to my eyes.

Well enough about my hurt feelings. Take a look at the HDN story at the link above and tell us what you think about this “breaking” information.


  1. The story probably wasn't written because like all things in school administration it is a secret

    I doubt they get a dime but I do wish them well on trying

  2. You have forgotten the all important rule of newspapers--don't attack anything a democrat is in charge of. (sarcasm of course).To me this is getting especially ridiculous when it comes to the debate over the influence of corporations over politics --if a democrat is involved, it won't be reported. If its a republican (so the rule seems to go) it is corruption of the worst kind.

  3. Since you are so great at reporting the news, where is your take on the closure of Wendy's and the Sletten Cancer Center? Oh, yes, that's right-Dugdales and Dave Henry are your friends, they aren't Democrats to bash, who cares only the little people are hurting, and it's a secret what they do. POT. KETTLE. BLACK. If you're going to state you are "correcting" the Havre paper then act like real reporters instead of cry baby pee pants. Otherwise, shut up and do something positive for Havre.

  4. I can't comment on the situation the Dugdale's are in, but anyone in this town that thinks Dave Henry has done one positive thing for our hospital is out of their mind. The guy has turned a decent local hospital into one of the biggest embarresments on the hi-line. Nothing against the people working there, they just have a boss who has gotten rich off of their hard work. The mans a PIG.

  5. I may just run for school board. Will any of you vote for me?