Monday, January 23, 2012

Questionable Political Cronies

I received a nice invitation from the Denise Juneau for the Office of Public Instruction today. Denise is kicking off her re-election campaign with a rally at the Capitol Rotunda at noon on Tuesday the 24th. The invitation also included an invite to attend a kickoff fundraiser that evening at a private residence in Helena.

What I found somewhat alarming about the whole deal was that MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver was listed as one of the co-hosts for the Juneau campaign kick-off. I will find it hard to support anyone that is being promoted by the guy that is only interested in promoting himself and the “Ultimate” Union power at everyone else’s expense. Surely Juneau is going to find it difficult to be objective in what is truly best for Montana schools when she has her nose ring attached to the chain of the likes of Feaver.

Thanks to this invitation making it crystal clear who Juneau has amongst her bedfellows I will be supporting her opponent Sandy Welch for this office  

Judging by the campaign finance reports it is apparent that Welch, with an early campaign war-chest of only $8,767 (of which $1,390 was a personal loan from herself), will have an up-hill battle defeating Incumbent Juneau who already sports a balance close to $60,000 in the bank.

Why do we let Union Thugs and their cronies in Helena buy these positions of power? Lest any forget - the Office of Public Instruction holds one of the critical votes on the Land Board that manages our state land. We need to get someone such as Welch on that board to be able to promote responsible use of our State Lands without the outside influences of political party cronies and Feaver favor gatherers in Helena.

Do your part – get involved!


  1. Who is on the state land board is very important to our overall economy.

    Juneau and Steve Bullock both voted no to developing Otter Creek coal while on the land board.

  2. The fact that Denise Juneau voted against $87 million in school funding from Otter Creek should be broadcast fr and wide and brought up by Welch at every opportunity. If Welch has the good sense do do this --and I believe that she does, then she can absolutely win.

  3. Juneau is corrupt, just like all Dimocrats.