Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Havre's Mayor Tim Steps up to the Plate

The Havre City council met last night to install the new council members and wish those departing farewell. Three Democrats stepped down from their ward seats - Pam Hillery, Cal Long and Bob Kaul. Republican Andrew Brekke Ward 4 retained his seat and was joined by fellow Republicans Rick Dow Ward 3, Brian Barrows Ward 2 and Democrat Bonnie Parenteau serving Ward 1.

For the first time I can ever remember in my life-time there is a 50-50 Democrat-Republican split on the Havre Council. They will be serving with Democrat Mayor Tim Solomon who will cast the deciding vote on any ties. What is interesting is that when we were checking out the information for the story this morning we learned that when it came time to elect the council president Councilwoman Janet Tretheway nominated fellow Democrat Woody Woodwick to again serve as council president. Newly seated councilman Rick Dow then nominated Republican Andrew Brekke. As expected the four republicans voted for Brekke and the four democrats voted for Woodwick. Typically in the past Democrat (sometimes calling himself independent) Gerry Veis will not vote on any of the matters such as this that he views as political but he toed the democrat line this time which laid the decision at the Mayor’s feet.

I am sure the council Republicans were shocked when Democrat Mayor Tim actually cast the tie-breaking vote for Republican Brekke who will replace Woodwick as council president. Our source told us this morning that many partisan democrats are feeling betrayed by Mayor Tim but on the other hand many folks feel now that there is a 50-50 split Havre can actually get some things accomplished.

Either way a hat tip goes to the Mayor for putting partisan politics aside in this case and we look forward to seeing a new council that joins together as a team instead of bickering political opponents.  We are encouraged by reports of last nights council meeting.


  1. One can only hope the new mix will bring us a council that can work together to make Havre a better place

    Once elected no party affiliation should even be considered

  2. But, freddy, what about political philosophy?

    There supposedly is a DIFFERENCE between Democrat and Republican political philosophy.

  3. Why didn't they nominate Gerry Veis for council president?

  4. freddy is right.

    Party affiliation has no place in the city councils conducting of Havre's business.

    Too much time is wasted in the posturing rather than the business of the people of Havre.

    If they spent as much time figuring out how to remove snow from the streets, (etc) as they do pandering to their individual parties, they might be able to be effective in their jobs.

    It is shameful enough that party affiliation trumps statesmanship on a national level, but in Havre it is inexcusable.

    The people of Havre need basic city services. Emergency services, water service, garbage pickup, snow removal etc.

    We want these services, and we want to know that the fees and taxes funding these necessities are being used in a prudent manner.

    The investment made by the taxpayers in the pavement going up college hill has been completely wasted due to improper care last winter. I hope we can see a change this year if it ever gets wintery.

  5. What happened the corrector usually has some pet names to call the mayor I'm shocked.

  6. What happened the corrector usually has some pet names to call the mayor I'm shocked.

  7. DeConstructor, it is wrong to assume that there is only the gov't way of providing water service, garbage pickup, snow removal etc. There is a non-gov't, free market way of providing water service, garbage pickup, snow removal etc. and there is a gov't way of providing these same services.