Thursday, January 12, 2012

Occupy Protesters turn on the President

Yesterday the Time Newsfeed reported that the Occupy Wall Street folk held a march and blasted poor President Obama on what is the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo Bay prison. You might recall that when Obama campaigned for President back in 2008 he promised that his first order of business on his very first day in office would be to close the Guantanamo Bay complex. Of course Senator “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester also promised to never ever support an earmark, associate with the culture of corruption on K Street in Washington and he was going to get the troops home.  We now know that like the president his word is also not his bond. This rally must have come as a surprise to the President as he earlier had gone on record supporting the Occupy protesters.  Both Tester and the President just may be losing some of their voting base.

The protestors have been plagued with various problems as of late including getting banned from camping in Zuccotti Park, their tent kitchen was closed by the health department and the colder winter temperatures make for some miserable conditions living under tarps and in tents. The Washington Post also reported that rat infestation around the two Occupy Wall Street camps was running rampant. Mohammad Akhter who is the district’s director of the Department of Health said that the camps resemble refugee camps he has witnessed in the Middle East and Africa. Akhter also told the Washington Post that he would advise the Federal Government to close down the camps if conditions worsen or if there were a severe winter storm because “suddenly we’re watching a tragedy unfold in Washington, D.C.”

Rats, poor sanitation, no food, shelters made of plastic tarps and bitter cold. Sounds like a protesters dream come true. It may just be easier to look for work and abandon the protesting.


  1. From what I see of these protesters on TV it looks like a bunch of spoiled kids that just don't get it. Why do they think the people that have kept to the grindstone and become successful should share their wealth with them?

    what a lot of free loaders

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  3. you betcha. You folks think you are insulated. You just wait. My turn is coming. You owe me. There is no way I am not entitled to some share. I am part of this beautiful country. It will be better when we share and learn to care for one another. I am not a free loader. I just choose this path that is best. You will see.

  4. I had to travel across the state this Winter Break and I saw the tent-city on the courthouse lawn in Missoula and I saw small protests in Hamilton and Helena. As I drive Montana's highways to and fro I think about issues and I dwelled upon OWS on my way back to Havre. This may be a dangerous habit; thinking, but I thought about the corporations that were failing and needed a bailout because they were just too big to actually fail. Too Big? The reasoning behind the cash infusions was to stave off a much larger crisis, a total collapse of the U.S. economic system, so we were told. So how does one become so entrenched in the overall economic system that they essentially become The System and therefore are Too Big To Fail? The answer is quite simple; Graft and Corruption. Throw a massive amount of made-up assets on your books through derivatives created through sub-prime lending. In short; steal from those that don't have much to begin with, and the law allows this to occur through collection and foreclosure...and taxpayer's bailout. The frozen lending plaguing this country combined with the record profits of big corporations in recent years is the indicator that money is only flowing in one direction; Up to the 1%.
    The best way to end a recession is though small business starts, but there isn't any money for those loans nor any assets such has homes for collateral on the note. This puts the burden on the large corporations to turn things around, so while they enjoy record profits, the Too Small To Succeeds go under. Some Too Small To Succeed banks are going under and are also being gobbled up by Too Big To Fails. Free Market Capitalism would have ensured that the problem in the economy would have corrected itself when the Too Big To Fails actually failed, but the U.S. government stepped in. This single action created a wave of false confidence in all markets affected by the impending collapse. This, in turn, reduced the confidence of the capitalist system of markets. That sounds convoluted, but this is why many Occupiers are touting a change to Communism or Socialism. Those that do are simple morons who are just trying to attach themselves to a movement with larger numbers. This shouldn't be about getting rid of the system. This should be about fixing the system and tearing down the Too Big To Fails in order for the system to finally correct itself.

    On the Tester "Ear Marks"; this too is part of the problem. There are two solutions to this problem. 1) we pay our congressmen more than any lobbyist can pay them or 2) get rid of the Too Big To Fails and their lobby money. I, personally, opt for number 2. By having the government say that these corporations are Too Big To Fail, automatically stacks the deck against everyone else. It's time to remedy that biased accord.