Monday, January 9, 2012

Gun Control

Everybody in Montana has read at least a few articles touting the wonders of gun control. You know that by controlling who has firearms violent deaths at the hands of murderers has plummeted in the last decade in areas enforcing stringent laws controlling guns, in particular the handguns that the whole world of liberals have grown to hate. Or have they?

New York City has the most stringent gun controls of anyplace in the nation. In order to buy a gun license in New York City you first have to visit the license office (in person) to pick up an application. You then apply for a series of permits that need to be typewritten - hand written applications are rejected. They want to know everything about you – your employer, your SS number, physical description, criminal history, history of alcohol and drug abuse, disabilities and on and on. They also want to know your past employment history for the last 5 years and you will need to explain why it is necessary for you to own a gun. If you are so lucky to get thru all the paperwork you need to have all the documentation notarized. Include with your documentation a licensing fee of $340 and a fingerprinting fee of $94 payable only by money order or credit card made out to the New York City Police Department. You then take your paperwork and fees to the License Division office where you will receive you license upon approval.

Don’t hold your breath while waiting for approval as this may take some time and if you are not approved for some reason all fees are forfeited. Some applicants have reported waits of up to two years. If you are lucky enough to obtain a permit you will need to obtain and fill out a “Handgun Purchase Authorization form” which you can use to make your purchase. You will again be asked to provide personal information and in depth details as to your reasons for wanting to buy a new gun. If you are given approval you will have 72 hours to visit a licensed gun dealer and make your purchase and return to the License Division to update your license with the gun information such as make, model and serial number. Take a look at the New York City Police website to get further details or you can compare the newest requirements to the synopsis of the state laws on the purchase, possession and carrying of firearms compiled by the NRA back in 1998.

So after all this hassle just how is everything working out for the folks in New York City? In a 25 year period New York City has had more than 15,000 murders while a town called Kennesaw Georgia had 1. What’s the difference you might ask?

In 1982 the City of Kennesaw passed an ordinance [Sec 34-21][13]
(a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore
Funny thing is that Kennesaw, where gun ownership is mandatory, has been called one of the safest cities in America. Up until 2009 Kennesaw had one murder. In 2010 three murders were committed by one man in a “school safety zone” which is an area extending 1,000 feet from any school where guns were off-limits. I wonder if the outcome would have been different if the murderer had known the school employees were also armed.

It sure makes me wonder about the rational of the gun-control folks


  1. NYS's Sullivan Law, that for all practical purposes prohibits handgun ownership, was originally passed in 1911 to prevent Italian immigrants from obtaining handguns.

  2. Thanks for running this story.

    Criminals love gun control laws because it leaves their victims unarmed. If you were a criminal would you rather assault a person packing a 45 or one packing a rape whistle?

  3. I think people in big cities have no idea what living in the rest of the world is like--they should stop trying to legislate what they no nothing about.

  4. Ask the Jews how well gun control worked out for them when Hitler came to power

    Remember history and learn from past mistakes

  5. You can't have a rational argument with a gun control proponent. They don't look at facts or history.

  6. You can't have a rational argument with a gun control proponent. They don't look at facts or history.