Tuesday, November 30, 2010

City of Havre Proposed Business License (YET AGAIN)

Here we go again with the proposed city business license ordinance. First we were, then we weren’t then we were then we weren’t; now apparently we are again. No matter what you think of this proposal it is obvious after watching this dog and pony sideshow over the past year that Mayor Tim is easily swayed back and forth by all the varying opinions and stands in the way of the council ever accomplishing anything.  Vote it up or down for crying out loud and move on to something important.  (Maybe you can re-vist the Cat leash law or something?)

The Ordinance Committee is meeting at 5:45 tonight at City Hall to hear public comments regarding the proposed business license. According to the notice from the Chamber of Commerce the proposed ordinance rules include;
• Charging a $25.00 business license fee
• Businesses would have 90 days to register or close your doors or face prosecution
• The City will have the power to tell you to close your doors with a “cease or desist” order if s business fails to comply
• They are also talking a $250 penalty for any business person that dares to ignore them

I especially loved the part about the power to serve a business a “Cease and Desist” order if they fail to comply. Wouldn’t someone have to actually go out of their warm office at City Hall to do this? Are they going to target all businesses for compliance or just the obvious downtown guys that already carry most of the load?

You may recall that this all started when the City realized they had no power to regulate medical marijuana businesses although they deny this is the driving motivation behind this proposal. I don’t really have a problem with the licensing itself as we are one of the only cities in Montana without business licensing but let’s make it apply to ALL businesses in all areas of town, not just the select few. Also, how is the City intending on enforcing this ordinance when they only selectively enforce the ones they already have on the books?

If you care be sure and show up tonight to hear the latest before Mayor Tim again waffles and changes the game plan


  1. It burns me when someone says Havre needs a business license because all the other towns have them. If all your friends get nose rings, will you?
    If the city gets this little bit more power, just wait they will be at every rummage sale trying to hand out $250 fines for not having business licenses.

  2. Just another spiteful snowball throw at the medical marijuana business, because the religious right, members of the Alcoholics Anonymous faith, and the addiction recovery industry cartel were overwritten by voters who took the time to actually study the issue.

    It has been a long time since medical marijuana came to Havre. Has there been any big problems? There were the two women that were busted, but they are accused of criminal activity, and that does not fall within the boundries of medical marijuana. If they are found guilty then they should be rightfully punished.

    I am amazed how punitive the anti medical marijuana people are continuing to behave. They lost. It is that simple, and they should just get over it and allow local businesses to operate unhampered.

  3. Like I predicted

    Mayor Tim was reported as telling business owners after last night’s council meeting (and out of ear-shot of the committee) that “none of this was my idea” and that “he never did agree” with the Ordinance Committee’s approach to this issue. It appears that the people in opposition did in fact get this proposal stopped by getting out and letting their voices be heard.

    Time for another NEW mayor (with backbone this time)

  4. Funny How there have been no "PROBLEMS" with the Medical pot until Mary Jane Treadaway brought it up. Guess what the folks push the moratorium are really doing? They are creating a MONOPOLY for those already here and using the power of government IE MEN WITH GUNS WHO GIVE YOU TICKETS TO pay the govt if you dont do what they say. This does nothing to protect anyone but the pot sellers already in business. So why is this such a popular thing for the city council to be pimping?

    As for a business tax when I lived elsewhere my first one cost me $15 5 years later it was $100. This is just another tax on everyone in the city, we have trouble enough getting folks to offer goods and services around here and now the parasitic city want to suck em dry and waste their time with compliance. Whats next Treadaway doing a fire inspection in your business, oh wait we already have that, nothing like a warrantless search of your premises....

    Next someone will tell me I have to get myself nuked in a naked body scanner or groped at an airport to fly on a plane cuz some guy in a cave half way around the world that we have spent a over trillion dollars and 9 years looking for and have not found despite 100 million dollar reward, is going to blow up my plane? Seems like its time to move to Russia its more free there!

  5. bistaboy...
    you sound surprised.