Monday, November 1, 2010

Hill County Democrats go All Out to show support for their Candidates

Finally the Hill County Democrats have begun to campaign for their candidates.

Anyone notice in the paper tonight that the local Democrats were advertising that they were having a “BIG” rally at town square to support their candidates? I popped into a business across the street so I could observe and what did I see? Ten yes count them, ten tired old Democrats bouncing around with candidate signs and waving at cars going by. Yes, party leaders Friede and Thackeray were bouncing along with the rest of them. Apparently they were trying to emulate all those Rallies the Republicans held at town Square all fall except they would have about 80 to 100 attend instead of the ten I witnessed tonight. I can hardly wait to see what the voters think of this and here I thought this town was a Democrat stronghold.

26 more hours and it will all be but a smudge mark on the history of the Democrats in Hill County.


  1. I saw them and I was thinking the same thing. The 4 candidates along with Frede and the pony tail pervert which only left the others as the total turnout of support for the dems this election. It’s going to be biblical results for the Democrat races in Havre this year. (weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth)

  2. It is a shame that the Democrats cannot choose who leads the charge for their campaigns. When voters see what kind wing nuts that are out there marching around, they can only wonder who they are actually voting for.

  3. LOL @ freddy

    gnashing of teeth? This one hour display may be all they need to do to win in Democrat controlled hill county,

    The pro firearms people had better turn out to vote or they will win for sure