Thursday, November 18, 2010

What is Havre adding to the "Kool-Aid"?

What is wrong with these candidates in Havre?

Today Democrat elect Hill County Superintendent Gary Pfister said in a news report in the HDN that “he has decided not to take the office next year” Pfister went on to make excuses and cast the blame on the County Commissioners for his decision. Why would you run for an office if you have no intention of fulfilling your obligation to the county taxpayers once you were elected? Apparently Mr. Pfister is not a follow through with your obligations type of person.  The time to make this decision was BEFORE you filed to run Mr. Pfister.

Back in July of this year the Republican candidate for Hill County Treasurer Bill Gupton suddenly withdrew from the race citing a “better job offer” out of town. While this was somewhat understandable it still left the race with no contest in the November election.

A year ago, not even two weeks after he had won the election for Havre Justice of the Peace, Dave Krezelak resigns the position before he even took office. Dave actually campaigned, spent some of his own cash, and handily beat his opponent by a healthy 600 vote margin only to bail out before he was even officially seated.

Maybe it has something to do with our water? This must be why the Havre water always stinks and tastes funny. Is the Mega-million dollar water plant adding something to our “Kool-Aid”?


  1. It's funny how the county elected positions that actually include a decent salary are hard to find candidates for.
    I wish we had a County Sarcasm Supervisor. That would be my dream job.

  2. With insurance and retirement these jobs really pay well.

    It would seem we have commitment issues in Havre. Maybe the big whooping on election day has all the Democrats to depressed to take office

  3. shit rolls down hill...
    from the federales...
    to hell-ena...
    to the "hi" line...
    doubt the job is worth the grief.

  4. CORRECTION: Dave Krezelak was not elected for Justice of the Peace, he was elected for the City Judge position. Things happen and people's lives change. No one knows why one chooses to step down. Unfortunately the ones that SHOULD don't.

  5. I think these people have great intentions when they run.

    However, they probably are informed of the true powers that be when they win or get close to winning.

    The actual underground, super secret power bases that be (there are alot- the masons, shriners, mormons, tea baggers, management of the local cathouse, fundamentalist religious nutjobs, the 3 local nonmedical drug dealer families, and the anti-abortionists- basically your local illuminati) extend their claws.

    They have big claws, and enormous power, involved in such things as local banking, and enormous political command. Dissent is NOT allowed.

    Local persons of any party elected must kneel to their demands, and some choose an easier, softer way by simply doing something else for a living.

  6. Decon the guy that quit was a democrat so are you saying there is a vast left-wing conspiracy? The Masons group only consists of a handful of members anymore and they are all broken down old men. It is hard to believe they can even attend a meeting without wearing their Depends let alone broker any power in little Havre Montana.

    Please fill us in. Who are the 3 mafia type drug dealing families? Who manages the local cathouse and for that matter where is it? I might be interested in attending one of their functions

  7. After reading the article and Pfister's letter, I think he has some legitimate concerns. When you file for an office, and the rules change there may be grounds to step down. Whether he was "employed" yet or not isn't the point, I think he deserved to know what he was getting into. It does not appear politics played any role in this, however, leave it to the bloggers to make it such...

  8. @Freddy-

    "Who manages the local cathouse and for that matter where is it? I might be interested in attending one of their functions"

  9. Who manages the local cathouse and for that matter where is it? I might be interested in attending one of their functions"

    Thanks! That's the hardest I laughed all day.
    I heard they had some real dogs at that cat house too.

  10. Right on Decon! Freddy, you must not be from Havre, unless maybe you have lived under a rock the whole time. I wish someone wasnt scarred to be the person that they pretend to be when they get elected. Its just sad. But in Havre it takes more than words to stand up to the local powers that be. It seems though that words is all anyone has to offer. Shame