Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time for Our Bi-annual New Courthouse Steps yet Again

Well they are at it again. The courthouse steps that is. A crew from Dick Anderson Construction started Jack hammering out the courthouse steps yet again yesterday which ironically was the day after the election. I am sure that was just a coincidence and didn’t have anything to do with wanting to protect a Democrat commissioner seat at the courthouse. Didn’t seem to matter though as Hill County voters had finally had enough and decided to try someone that promised not to play partisan politics. I am somewhat surprised that they didn’t wait to start this project until spring so they could blame newly elected Independent Jeff LaVoi. Who in their right mind would start a major concrete job this close to freezing except these guys? I hope LaVoi sees the merit in letting professional contractors do their job and will end the “homeowner” contracting that has been going on at the courthouse and wasting taxpayer dollars all these years.

This project first hit the planning table over a decade ago and hopefully I will live to see them actually completed but at the rate this mismanaged project has been going I am growing more doubtful as each year passes. I noticed in tonight’s paper that they have attempted to lead the public to believe they actually have made money with all their lawsuits. They claimed that the county received $410,000 in an out of court settlement with the architect which was more than the original $340,000 contract. Excuse me if I am skeptical.

I can hardly wait for Mr. Lavoi to get sworn in and see if he can get a handle on this commission that has run amuck.


  1. It does seem odd that this starts after the election

    How many times are they going to redo these steps? At least they hired a real contractor this time

  2. Unreal

    I am Soooooooooooooooo Glad that Lavoi won. Wich one is up to be ousted next?

  3. Just the normal for this bunch Joe.
    Every Democrat knows that the wasted tax dollars at this sink hole of a courthouse are a sore spot to all taxpayers but their plan to save their fellow Democrats from losing a few votes by starting this job the day after the election didn’t work. I am glad the people saw through their deceit and the Republicans literally mopped the floor with the Democrats here in Hill County.


  4. When will someone comment on more than just the steps? Has no one ever gone beyond and taken a look at the new County Attorney's Office? Seriously? We're cutting the road department that can barely maintain the roads they have but we support THREE yes, I said THREE County Attorneys? Plus, we remodel their office with marble, oak and bullet proof glass? Give me a break!!

  5. what's with thinking changing the color of the scum will change the scam? everybody been asleep the last few decades?

  6. We agree 69 Corvette and we have blogged about the basement remodel before but the fact of the matter is these steps appear to be a never ending project that is always under construction

    When, if ever, will this waste of tax dollars end?

  7. I'm thinking that the county would be better off contracting this out to some farmer that is good with a welder. Give him a pile of angle iron, some expanded metal, and a tape measure and I think it will turn out better than the previous attempts.