Monday, November 15, 2010

Heads are Starting to Roll at Montana Democrat Headquarters

Nigh over a year ago the Montana Democrat Party hired one David Benson as their Executive Director.  At the time the Missoulian reported these words attributed to Mr. Benson.

"For me coming in to this position, I want to create stability and continuity for the party for now and in the future," Benson said Thursday.
He said he's excited to help build on the successes of Montana Democrats and believes "in order to make good public policy that positively affects the lives of Montanans, we need to elect good policymakers."
He praised Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer and U.S. Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester for fighting to make life better for families, farms and businesses.
Looking to the 2010 elections, Benson fixed his sights on the Legislature and five-term U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, the lone Republican statewide elected official.
"First and foremost, it's recruiting good candidates," he said. "It is being competitive all across the state in the legislative races, holding on to our PSC (Public Service Commission) seats that we currently have and, of course, defeating Denny Rehberg."
It is obvious that Mr. Benson’s grand plans fell a little short on Election Day and KXLH TV in Helena today reported that Mr. Benson has been put out to pasture and Ted Dick has been hired to take over the reins of the State Democrat Party still smarting from the beating they took on Election Day. Dick previously was employed by the Montana Service Employee International Union and is expected to begin work cleaning up the mess in December.

In the report on KXLH TV Martin Kidston, communications director for the Montana Democrat Party said
“We simply want to set a new direction early in the campaign process and now is a good time to do that. The Montana Democrat Party stands firm in its commitment to create jobs.”

Hmmmm ……… If they would have been doing that all along instead of walking lock-step with the Obama regime I doubt they would have been pounded into obliviation on this historic Black Tuesday.


  1. It’s not just the Democrat Party that is making changes. Popular liberal bloggers Jay Stevens and Matt Singer announced after the state wide defeat of the Democrats that they were going to pursue other interests and no longer advocate for the liberals in their blog “Left in the West”.

    I wish a few more of them would also just give up trying to convince us of the grandeur of the Democrat’s out of touch plans for our country

  2. i'm guessing the "in touch" plan for our country...
    includes tax cuts for the rich, more jobs shipped abroad so the corpse-rats can boost profits...
    pension funds blown by the thieves on wall street...
    a pointless attack on yet another third world country that kicks our ass...
    am i close?

  3. Seems as though Martin Kidston is no better at telling the truth now than he was when he worked as a reporter for the Havre Daily News.

  4. who looks to the hdn for "truth"?
    or any other "news" rag?
    maybe the parent company is on retainer like the washing-down post and the new york slimes.