Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hill County Democrats Crushed

It’s a great day in Havre Montana. Last night the local Republicans made history in an astronomical sweep of the Hill County races. Every single Republican listed on Hill County ballots from the PSC and Congress on down to the legislative seats outdistanced their opponents by landslide margins of historic proportions. What a victory for Hill County Republicans

New comer Rowlie Hutton slam dunked our infamous “former” speaker of the house Democrat Bob Bergren garnering over 58% of the vote in Senate District 17. Republican Kris Hansen pulverized Democrat Jack Tretheway to embarrassing proportions wuppin’ up the poor guy by margins exceeding 2 to 1  in HD 33. Warburton easily retained HD 34 over Dana Siedel in what the Democrats had been touting as their best chance for a “landslide victory”. I guess all that campaigning by the ponytail *******(Edited 3/8/11 for alleged slanderous references)  and the boycotts by former chair Friede really paid off as they kept the Siedel defeat to less than a 2 to 1 margin. Way to go Professor Bill

Even the county Democrats shining star commissioner candidate Jim Catt got slapped back down to size with Independent candidate Jeff LaVoi moving into the Democrat controlled courthouse by over 500 votes.  Even more amazing was that the Republican Psc candidate Kavulla killed his opponent in Hill County

Amazing – Simply amazing. I wonder how the partisan Havre Daily will put a spin on this story. I am sure it is all Obama’s fault and has nothing to do with the lack of effort by the local Democrats nor the fact that they just had plain poor candidates nor the fact that the Democrat campaign volunteers are the town idiots. Apparently Friede’s boycott and Professor Bill’s constant harassment of Warburton actually raised the vote count in the GOP column.

You Havre Republicans had better send a big THANKYOU to these numbskulls so they keep up the good work next election

We will bring you further information after we talk to the Party officials.



  1. Shhhhh! Don't let the democratic party know that Bill is the Republicans best ace in the hole. I do feel he hurt the Hill Co. Democrats. I thank everyone for running, its lots of work and is really difficult to stay positive. Congratulations to the winners! Don't be arrogant, go to Helena ask questions, READ READ READ! and do the best that you can. Be a good listener, keep an open mind, its quite a ride!!!


  3. If most of the people in Havre really do claim to be Democrat or leaning Democrats I hope both parties realize that many Democrat people had to cross over party lines to give these Republican winners their victories.

    Let’s try to use this as a benchmark and change our bickering ways to work together for a change. I am so excited to finally see at least one person in the courthouse that is not a Democrat. Congratulations Mr. LaVoi

  4. All three of them and Huston actually thought they would win because they were Democrats

    Looks like they thought wrong

  5. And Catt thought he would win because he campaigned in Rocky Boy which may have worked but less than a hundred people voted there

  6. Give it up. Huston and Barger showed up at every single Republican event and were never so much as introduced. Both of them had support from both sides and it isn't Huston's fault she got put in a box thanks to the Havre Daily News.

  7. in the midst of celebrating our "victory"...
    start taking notes...
    the republi-cons will do every bit as much for you as the themo-craps did...
    nothing will change until voters catch on to the pendulum game.