Monday, November 1, 2010

Senator Baucus Screws over Montana Legislative Candidates

All across Montana Democrat candidates for the legislature are either fighting to retain their seats or are seeking to replace Republicans in the legislature. Most are facing an uphill battle as the Democrats Obama connections are taking their toll. What usually helps in these uphill battle races is a little boost from the upper ranking Democrats like Senator Baucus and Tester. Both senators have made a couple of short stops in Billings and around the state but they seem to be more concerned with the battles in neighboring states. Tester has been hard at work campaigning in California, Nevada, Missouri and elsewhere but what really is a kick in the rear for the Democrats is Senior Senator Baucus’s abandoning the local candidates on the eve of the election to stump for his good pal fellow liberal Harry Reid of Nevada.

The Wall Street Journal reports that our good Senator Baucus has flown himself and thirty of his aides to Las Vegas Nevada to assist.

Reid supporters, including multiple labor unions and about 30 aides to Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, are canvassing neighborhoods, making sure likely voters get to precincts for early voting and organizing get-out-the-vote efforts to help Mr. Reid in his tight contest against Republican Sharron Angle.

Full WSJ article here

Aaron Flint from the Northern Ag network has a related article here

In addition to taking his influence and his staffers to Nevada to fight for his good old boy buddy Harry Reid Senator Baucus has given Reid $100,000 from his campaign war chest to assist with get out to vote efforts as reported by CQ

Maybe the good Senator has forgotten from which state he hails? It appears that Baucus has given the finger to his home state party partners in this year’s state legislative races. At least the Democrats don’t mind screwing their own over along with their Republican rivals. Local candidates Siedel, Bergren and Tretheway can at least blame Baucus for their losses tomorrow evening

Don’t forget to vote and I hope the Montana GOP doesn't forget to send Senator Baucus a Thankyou card for his help.

Additional Flint Report here


  1. Max has always screwed over Montana

    Why should this story be any different? Now he has Tester running with the same play book.

    When the Democrats lost the majority in Helena I wonder if they will remember Max next election?

  2. The voters need to pay close attention to our senior Senator. Career politicians like him are what has driven our country into the mess we are in. They forget all about the people who sent them there, and sell out special interest groups almost immediatly. My opinion come next election,
    "AXE MAX".

  3. Max is one of the GUN CONTROL idiots also

    Don't be fooled by his bull you can see what kind of guy he is right here

  4. Bob Dana and Jack thank you Max for your help


  5. did the republi-cons screw over their own party when they put up "2nd amendment option" and "i'm not a witch"?
    para-sailing and those two idiots have to be meant to insult the average voter.
    we are dumb as a people...
    have we gone THAT dumb?