Sunday, November 14, 2010

"NO Earmarks-Ever" Tester soon to be # 1

Senator Jon "No Earmarks-Ever" Tester has finally accomplished something big. Politico reports he is currently tied with Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska as the most “ENDANGERED Senate Democrat” Don’t worry Jon. One more trip to help Nancy Pelosi save a field mouse or one more rally to promote Harry Reid and you will be a slam-dunk for first place.

How about a sequel to the “What’s Good for Nevada-California-Kentucky-Virginia is Good for Montana” campaign pep-rallies you helped with just last month? Or any or the other states you think are the same as Montana – Is it time for Massachusetts again Jon?


  1. He's been number one in my book for some time. I am glad he is now number one in everyone elses

  2. One on one, I like Jon. He's a nice guy very personable. I voted for him. I had hoped that he would go to Washington and vote like a Montanan, and not chase the crowd of democrats. I often wonder how anyone can join a political party who's political elite are Barbara Boxer, Chucky Schumer, Barney Frank, Diane Feinstien and Harry Reid.
    As my Dad often told me, you are judged by the people you run with. That is one pack of dogs that the dog catcher needs to take to the pound.

  3. We got duped with Tester. He seemed down home. I didn't like him because of platform in 1st place.They outgunned Conrad. It's time again.

  4. Conrad would still be in there if he knew how to shut his mouth. The only reason Tester made it in was the bad press that followed Burns through out his campaign. Your right, Tester told us exactly what we wanted to hear when whe needed to hear it, and it got him elected.

  5. you have to credit tester with disposing of possibly the dumbest politician to ever "represent" montana.
    based on the texass monkey boy...
    and palin...
    maybe con-man hasn't found his future yet.
    where are folks getting off thinking politicians ever follow through.
    yawny ray-gun won office arguing against "big gov'ment" the time we were rid of him "gov'ment" had increased(according to the liberal media newsweek) by a quarter and, excluding military personnel, government employees increased by 200,000. just what we were promised....oh, don't forget the 15% interest on home loans.

  6. yep, out with the corrupted and in with the corruptees

  7. they only lie when their lips move...
    or they write something...
    or sign...
    or wink...

  8. I couldn't take Burns after he voted for the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act.

  9. Like you Cranky Farmer I voted for Tester because I knew him and had faith that he wouldn't forget his roots. I can't find the words to tell you how much of a letdown he has been since becoming senator. He seems to be more interested in pleasing Harry Reid than those people who put him in office. It's time for us to send him back to the farm and get someone into office that knows how to represent the real Montana values.