Thursday, November 18, 2010

Havre's own Representative Wendy Warburton elected GOP Majority Whip

Hill and Blaine County Democrats gave their all to oust House District 33 Representative Wendy Warburton this last election saying she was an “ineffective” Representative and bemoaned the fact that she was running on a pro-life pro-property rights platform. Not only did she surprise them by absolutely rolling over her opponent but now she has been elected to a leadership position in the Republican caucus yesterday.

The Montana Watchdog reports that Mike Milburn of Cascade was elected Speaker of the House and Representative Wendy Warburton from our own House District 33 was elected as one of the Majority Whips. Milburn was quoted as saying

“We’ve got to stand up to an overreaching federal government,” Milburn told fellow House Republicans. “I’m talking about ObamaCare, wolves, national monuments and our environmental regulations"
The rest of the leaders elected by their respective party caucuses can be found on the Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee website.

What a great honor for our home town conservative gal and what a boon for those of us fortunate to live on the Hi-line.  Congratulations Wendy!  We look forward to another term of your outstanding service to our area.

Poor Professor Bill must be livid upon hearing that all his efforts to bash Warburton’s fine voting record not only didn’t influence any local voters but also didn’t keep her from this honored spot of leadership

Touché Bill!


  1. I am hesitant to comment in fear I would offend any that do not have a high opinion of Wendy. I have utmost respect for everyone's opinion. But, Wendy does seem like a nice level headed young lady and somewhat deserving.

  2. Congrats to Ms. Warburton. I wish her the best.

  3. Great job Wendy

    Don't get a big head like Mr. Speaker and remember us little folks back home

  4. I, too, was incensed by Mr. Thackeray's vendetta against Wendy. But in fairness, you need to know that he apprached Wendy at the Veteran's Day service at the Town Square, congratulated her on her win, and thanked her for her service...

  5. Correction mama

    Thakeray is approaching Warburton because he thinks he is the lone spokesman for MSU-Northern and he now realizes he has messed in his own mess-kit by belittling Warburton. He needs her to listen to him as the voice from MSU-N during this legislative session

    He is a snake and she would do well to stay far far away from him

  6. So does this mean the Montana Legislature will grow a pair and tell the Feds they have no power under the 9th and 10th amendments to dictate wolves, et al? I dont theink they have the balls, Left Wing, Right Wing its all the same corrupt BIRD. Real progress would be having our state approve some OIL REFINERIES and tell the feds to go eff themselves as they dont have the power to regulate that. Real Progress would be Grizzly Bear Hunting Seasons, its a health and safety issues and that is the province of the STATES. Real progress would be anything else the feds do to kill jobs and progress! How about some nuclear or coal power plants here so we dont have to get hosed for power, all this wind and other green energy is inefficient and not cost effective! Stop the subsidies! For everyone including the people in the Ag business! I mean the subsidy business.... go work to work crop suckers!

  7. I believe Rep. Warburton does a great job in Helena. She was mentioned in a Newspaper article here in Helena this morning ...

    "State GOP targeting abortion in 2011"