Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Budget "Cut" that is Really not a Cut

Let's see here - $3.46 trillion budget in 2010 and after the much touted $38 billion in "Cuts" we are now at $3.63 trillion? I did go to Havre High math class so I may be wrong but isn't that about a $170 billion dollar increase over last year’s budget? And that is after the big "cuts" hashed out by Obama and the Republicans. I can’t believe the President had the audacity to brag on those cuts in his address last night.  A realistic cut would be rolling back the budget to the pre-liberal spending Bush era and "make do" with $2 trillion or so.

How stupid do we have to be to actually believe this increased budget is actually a $38 billion CUT? Congress must use the same budget mathematician the Havre School system uses when they report about their “cuts”.

Yep -- We willingly drink the Kool-Aid


  1. The school mill levy is a good example. The budget is more than last year but they think we need another 300k or so because of "cuts"

    I am voting NO

  2. When I see the school cutting sports programs I will assume they actually have a budget problem.