Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Warring MSU-N Professors and Spineless Presidents

It’s been an interesting week at MSU-Northern. First there was a report that Montana State University President Cruzado ordered a halt to searches to fill vacant positions at MSU-Northern until a “review can be completed” as to the procedures used in filling vacancies at the University. Apparently the search committee recommended some people only to have Chancellor Frank Trocki reopen the search.

Trocki was quoted in tonight’s HDN saying the search review was “much ado about nothing”. Not surprisingly, considering the HDN was the source of the initial story, Trocki went on to claim that the whole story was taken out of context.

What we find interesting is the following copy of an e-mail that was sent to the Corrector by a source at MSU-Northern announcing Chancellor Trocki’s resignation. Obviously the people at MSU-Northern really don’t relate well with people in administration but what else is new?

-----Original Message-----
From: President Cruzado [mailto:President_Cruzado@montana.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 3:30 PM
To: AllMSUNUsers

Subject: MSU-Northern Chancellor Announcement
April 5, 2011
MSU-Northern Chancellor Trocki leaving end of June
Montana State University-Northern Chancellor Frank Trocki announced today he will be leaving his post at the end of June. Trocki and his wife will be returning to Massachusetts, where they have a home.

Joe Callahan, former MSU-Northern provost, will come out of retirement to serve as interim chancellor.

"I am proud of my numerous accomplishments and will miss many of the fine faculty, our outstanding staff, the fabulous students and the tremendous community members who have given so much time and energy to the university and helped make these two years so successful," Trocki said.

Cole Chandler, president of the MSU-Northern Foundation said, "I am saddened to hear that we are losing Chancellor Trocki. From the day he arrived, Frank worked tirelessly to carry out his charge to elevate Northern to a new level of excellence. Chancellor Trocki's energy and new ideas were a breath of fresh air and just what Northern needed during these difficult times."

"Frank established an outstanding relationship with the business community and fundamentally understands the important role higher education plays in developing our economy. Frank has taken MSUN to new heights and he will be missed," said Paul Tuss, executive director of Bear Paw Development Corporation.

Trocki was appointed MSU-Northern chancellor in June 2009. During his tenure, enrollment at MSU-Northern grew, new student recruitment strategies were established, planning and research on a number of new academic programs was initiated, the university's biofuels research expanded, relations with the university foundation and alumni association were renewed and the university successfully completed three major reaccreditations.

"We will miss Chancellor Trocki's passion and caring for the students, faculty and staff of MSU-Northern," said MSU President Waded Cruzado.

A national search will be conducted for a new chancellor.
As interim, Callahan will be returning from Dickinson, N.D., where his wife, Kim Callahan, has a private audiologist practice. The couple retired there in 2010 after Callahan had served as Northern's provost from 2007 to 2010.
Callahan has a doctorate in education from the University of Montana and his master's and bachelor's degrees from East Stroudsburg University, Penn.
Welcome Back Dr. Callahan


  1. msu since the take over has worked tirelessly to keep nmc down, anyone trying to improve the school must be removed, imho the merger was not good for the school

  2. I agree BR549 that the big boys have the gun sights set on Northern but it doesn’t seem like the people at MSU N do themselves any good either.

    They are endlessly filing grievances, lodging complaints for trivial matters and generally fighting everything any new management wants to implement. How can you blame the rest of the system for viewing these ingrates as anything other than the unwanted step children of the education system?

  3. I'm an outsider as far as Northern politics, but the college is a hidden gem. I went to school in Bozeman and always regretted not going to Northern where I wouldn't be lost in the crowd.
    Northern fills a critical need in our education system and they better get their ducks in a row, because it would be a tragedy to lose this fine little school.

  4. Typical Havre people

    Bickering among ourselves, complaining, belittling and fighting everything anyone tries to do

    Try pulling together for crying out loud

  5. To Superman

    To my knowledge Northern faculty have filed one formal grievance this academic year.

    What you describe as "trivial matters" include, but are not limited to, alienation of the tribal colleges, questionable job search processes, junk science on campus, various bungled initiatives, s**t oozing out of the walls in Hagener Science (not a metaphor), roundtrip flight to Jamaica for a two hour meeting, no communication with faculty, no transparancy, no shared governance...

    The preceding are facts, not unfounded opinion like yours.

  6. To Jimbo - You may not be aware of this but folks at Northern did pull together to contact Dr. Cruzado. 21 signed a letter expressing concern over Northern's directions and leadership. 23 met with her and Rolf Groseth to express various concerns none of which could be classified as petty, self-serving bickering. Everyone at the meeting spoke. Those who signed the letter and were at the meeting are all people who have been at Northern for a number of years and most plan on retiring there. They work hard and teach more classes per semester than any other unit in the U system.

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  10. The agitators win again. We got to end the Tenure provision in teacher’s contracts if we ever want to get a handle on the education systems