Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama's "Plan" for High Gas Prices

High gas prices got you down? According to an article in Big Journalism it would appear that Obama thinks all we have to do to drive prices down is to trade in all our gas guzzlers for smaller more compact models. Less demand equates to lower prices

Now why didn’t I think of that? I wonder what kind of little car I should buy? Most likely it should be one of those high priced electric models that have some sort of government rebate so I can do my part. I am sure the payments on a $50 – 60 thousand electric car loan financed over 5-6 years will be way less than what I currently pay for gas for my old car. Brilliant, just brilliant!

Funny thing is the Seattle Times says that sales of gas in Washington State have decreased enough that the state senate has seen fit to impose a “special” annual $100 road tax on electric cars because the owners don’t contribute enough to maintain the highways because they have been avoiding paying the high gas taxes. As soon as the Cowboy Ethics Senate bunch in Helena gets wind of that Montana will be next. What’s next? A tax on my bicycle?

You just can’t win for losing when you deal with government bureaucrats


  1. I get furious when I read about people saying I need to get rid of my gas guzzling pick-up because it is bad for the environment. I have yet to see a Volkswagen pull 14,000 lbs of hay.
    But as one person told me I could move to town if I don't like the high gas prices. I wonder who is going to grow the food after the farmers all move to town?

  2. MONSANTO. which is what your GOP would love to see. By the way the only way the government can bring down gas prices is to.. oh wait they cant. Its up to the speculators and oil companies who are essentially the same people. If you dont like it. GROW YOUR OWN FUEL!