Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Lowdown: RAW Video: Schweitzer brands GOP bills

The Lowdown: RAW Video: Schweitzer brands GOP bills: "As promised, Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Wednesday fired up his infamous "veto" branding irons on the front steps of the Capitol and ..."

WOW .............. What a show from Montana's Master Showboater


  1. He would fit in in Hollywood where everything is phony. I liked him for Governor to begin but have really sickened of his bull this last term

  2. I like Brian and his no nonsense approach to calling bullshit when he sees it. Hes not afraid to call it as he sees it, unlike your usuall stuffed shirt polished lying politicians. I think the ultimate ticket in 2012 would be Trump/Schweitzer

  3. Don't blame Schweitzer, blame the idiots that are sending these ridiculous bills up.

  4. There were some nonsense bills but a couple of these bills he vetoed were good for Montana.

    I agree with this post. He was putting on a big show just for the cameras

  5. Which vetoed bills are you speaking being good Freddy?

  6. They are all terrible especially the two that try to overturn the will of the voters,161 and 306, or medical marijuana repeal and approval of new cyanide leach mining operations. Warburton and Hanson voted for both of these.

  7. And that's why I am supporting both Wendy and Kris for another term

    They voted Yes to Jobs and No to drug dealers.

    I am for MM for the needy but Montana has turned into a drug dealers paradise

  8. Supportyourlocalfarmers, SB 306 did not approve new cyanide leach operations as you said, what it merely did was permit the mining of gold at mines without leach operations (which is completely legal even now) and let them move the gold to other mines who still are permitted for cyanide leach operations, i.e. Golden Sunlight, etc.

    You see the voters disapproved the permitting of cyanide heap leach operations, but that did not stop those already in existence and there are still two mines operating in Montana and permitted by DEQ to use cyanide. This bill simply allowed other mines to transport their gold to these permitted mines to allow the leaching to occur. They are not new operations at all.

    This is definitely a jobs bill as it permits mining to begin once again and in full compliance with the will of the voters.

  9. actually they voted to kill a bunch of jobs in the medical marijuana industry, and voted to rape the land and poison the water... it all depends on how you look at it and what side your on.

  10. I think it was pure political genius.

    Not only did it lead every Montana TV newcast and headline, we are still talking about it days later.

    Grandstanding? maybe. However, people actually stopped what they are doing to watch, and like a GEICO commercial talk about it 'aroung the water cooler'days after the fact.

    Political foes may sling mud at this manuever, however, it was a brilliant political tactic.

    People discount Schwietzer due to either different political views, or simply dislike his folksy manner. However they should always remember he is a very shewd politico, with obvious intentions on a higher office.

  11. Definitely grandstanding. Some of the bills I would like to have seen go through.
    Personally I would like to see more mining. I like living in an economy where people have money. We are way past the bad old days when companies destroyed the environment and walked away.
    All wealth comes from the ground, one way or another.

  12. Merely more cyanide is more cyanide.It doesnt matter if its here or there it all ends up in the same place.Also the cyanide is only part of that issue. Have you been to Zortman or Butte? I guess if you feel that short term, environmentally destructive jobs, and giant toxic holes in the ground are a good idea it makes sense for you to vote for people like Hanson and Warburton. I however do not and will not.