Monday, April 18, 2011

Four Candidates Vying for Three District 16 School Board Positions

The School Districts Ballot has been sent out and four people are running for the three available school board positions. Incumbents Darlene J. Bricker, Cynthia L. Erickson and Curtis Smeby are again seeking reelection. New comer Edroy B. “Curt” Curtis has also thrown his hat in the ring and the Corrector did post a letter from him back on March 28th you can read here

One person will be “out” this election. Who will (should) that person be?


  1. I am just sorry there are not more choices.

    Out of the four running three were involved with the Mahon mess and a variety of decisions that could have been handled better. My first thought was just to pick the worst of the three and leave their name blank which in MHO is Smeby because he has been problematic in so many ways

    Since then I have heard that not only is the new name guy a preacher but also learned that both the money manager Zelda Witter and our superintendent Andy Carlson are personal friends with Curtis and actually go to his church. I wonder if he was recruited to run just to be a yes man for the superintendent.

    I don’t like any of these choices

  2. Dave Mahon got spirited away on a wheel barrow full of our money and we asked why?

    Three of these people told us we wouldn’t understand but they know best so we should just piss off and cease with the questions.

    I am only casting my vote for the one new dude even if there is some unethical connection between him and the current administration

  3. Smeby is one of those college elitists that was involved in filing the complaint about the prayer at the college graduation with the ACLU. I suspect he is pro gun control also

    I am voting no to Smeby and everyone else that voted to pay Dave Manhon money to leave his job