Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Republican Lindsey Graham gets the One - Two from a Fiesty Lady

Undoubtedly most of our readers recall that Terry Jones is the Florida minister that made a big production of burning a Koran last month. Jone’s little “book burning” enraged a few Afghan Muslim leaders that subsequently blamed the Koran burning on the deadly riots in Afghanistan that has caused the deaths of dozen or so people.

Well guess what the Republican Coward Lindsey Graham did to try and get a handle on the situation. He took his sorry anti-American ass to appear on Face the Nation to blame the Reverend Jones for these deaths because his Koran burning insulted our enemies. WTH?

Words can’t even describe the stupidity of this Republican version of the Obama “apologetic tour”

Ann Barnhardt made the following utube video response to Senator Graham's Face the Nation comments which pretty much sums it up.

Has Everyone Completely Lost Their Minds?
Barnhardt - Part one

Barnhardt - Part two

I especially liked the bacon book marks.  Read the rest of the story here


  1. you got your muslim radicals, and your christian radicals. Burning books is childish and insensitive. All it accomplishes is inflaming the radicals. And heres a tip for Lindsey Graham..If you want our soldiers to not be killed in that country, get them out of there and bring them home...You sir, put them there, not that idiot Jones.

  2. I would so like to sit our two senators and representative down and give them a butt chewing not unlike this gal is dishing out.
    Our congressmen are so much like teenagers at a big party. They are doing things they would have never done on their own, but in the company of their peers they party like it's never never land and the coolaid they are drinking is worse than any illegal drug because in the long run it will do more damage than any drug abuser ever thought of.

  3. people aren't getting suckered into "the problems in our lives come from the muslims" are they?
    you probably remember the "domino theory" that got us into one of the most criminal acts of the last century.
    if it worked once and they got away with it...
    good bet again.
    therefore burn anything you want.