Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shut Down Put on Hold

Well glory be! It appears that our wonderful representatives in Washington have finally reached a last minute deal to delay having to shut the government down. The Washington Times reports that the Senate agreed to delay a vote to defund ObamaCare and “alter money for family planning” to get the compromise deal done. The Republicans were holding firm for 61 billion dollars in cuts but finally agreed to$39 Billion to avert the shutdown. Interestingly many of the conservatives refused to vote for a bill that didn’t at least cut the full $61 billion that was targeted. To those few that truly tried to end this out of control spending we say THANK YOU!

What did the Democrats have to say about the Republican attempts to slow down the financial bleeding of America during this fiasco? Take a look at this video and see for yourself


  1. Republicans caved and let the budget inflate again. I really didn’t expect them not to after watching them inflate the deficient under Bush for 8 years.

    If anyone runs as a budget slashing Tea Partier next time I will go with them

  2. if the budget was any issue at all...
    the meaningless wars would end...
    corporate welfare would end...
    welfare for the rich would end...
    rather than severe cuts to the people in general and especially the needy.

  3. Somebody needs a lesson on tax rates. Who is paying the taxes? Are you blind?