Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Senator Testor on Slashing the Budget

As long as we have been on the subject of wasted tax dollars let’s see what a guy making a taxpayer funded yearly salary of $175,000 plus a Cadillac health and benefit plan has to say about cutting the deficit. It is mighty sad that the guy that was the deciding vote to tie the Obama Care milestone around our neck can’t think of one itsy little thing to cut out of our bloated budget.

More on this story over at Northern Broadcasting and there is additional information at Treasure State Politics


  1. I can find at least 20 things to cut out of the budget. Can I have 20 times his salary? It would be the best money you ever spent!

  2. Always has his mouth moving

    Never says anything

    One term was to long for this Senater

  3. He is an embarrassment and even dumber than the guys wanting cowboy ethics in Helena if that is possible. Stupidity must be a prerequisite for being a politician

  4. When Tester moved to DC he must have got off the plane sat down with Baucus and had one big glass of the special cool-aid and it's been down hill ever since.
    I agree with Rehberg more often than not, but I am going to have a hard time voting for him knowing that he is also part of the problem in Washington.