Thursday, April 28, 2011

Havre Pride Offer Recieves City Officials "Pocket" Veto

I would like to report that I am surprised but that would be a lie.

A few posts back we pointed out that this Saturday from 9am until Noon everyone in Havre is being asked to have a little pride in our town and volunteer to do a little cleaning up around our community. Furthermore the Corrector shot off an e-mail to several of the City Council members, Public Works Director Dave Peterson and the Chamber of Commerce pointing out Fuelburner1969’s offer to gather together some folks to help the city road crews with fixing some potholes with volunteer help.

As of tonight we haven’t even been given the courtesy of a response let alone any offers to help facilitate Fuelburner’s volunteers.

I guess no one really cares about the deplorable condition of our streets except those of us taxpayers that drive them every day. Please don’t not let the customary “official” non-response keep you from doing your part in helping put a little shine on Havre this weekend by cleaning up a bit.

See you Saturday doing what we are “qualified” to do – picking up trash.


  1. Probably to busy forwarding jokes to friends and trolling Facebook to respond

  2. Thank you Corrector for trying to get something good going, as per usual our council and elected jokers are to chicken to respond. I have found that the city crews are responding when I paint the pot holes with orange upsidedown paint to mark the pot hole it seems to get patched. As a community we can all help them to see the hole if we paint them they do not drive by to get to a differant one.